Sunday, November 13, 2011

And So It Begins...

Sports practices started officially last week and on Saturday I had my first full day of sporting events.
Spencer had a basketball scrimmage at 10:30

It felt good to be sitting in the gym again, even if only four of us parents showed up to watch our boys. In this photo, Spencer is in the navy shirt with the guy in red pushing him.
Then at 1:30, Tucker had a swim meet.

I sacrificed my afternoon of college football to watch Tucker swim.
But, I need to remember that this is my last year of basketball since Spencer is a senior. And I'll only have two more years of traipsing to swim meets since Tucker is a sophomore.
I vow to not complain, but to enjoy every minute of watching my boys play sports this year.


living vicariously said...

Or be like most of us and do both

BFF said...

Hard to think about the end of this phase of your life. I would say freedom but it will be bittersweet.

Linda said...

It sounds like fun. My kids did soccer and some swimming and I remember how much fun it was.

aguja said...

I have girls and it was ballet and roller dancing!

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