Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Thanksgiving

It seems like all of my posts have been fairly negative lately, so I thought I should stop and be thankful instead.
So, here, the Wednesday after Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for: My husband who, although he came home with only one chocolate bar from France two weeks ago, has worked everyday with only one day off. Sleep in today, honey. You deserve it. And take a second day off this week.
My unswollen, though still flaking, face. I'm on the last leg of the steroids the doctor gave me to combat my reaction to the Aveda moisturizer. With steroids, the medicine steps down. So I started taking six pills a day over a week ago, and now I'm down to three. Before you know it, I'll stop feeling all jittery and need more than four hours of sleep each night. I am accomplishing a lot since I don't need sleep. When you get up at 3:30 a.m., you can get an amazing amount done by 6. It's like the day's half over.
A second car. We've been a one car family since Labor Day Weekend when Spencer drove in front of a truck and, basically, had the front end of his Honda Accord taken off. No one was hurt, but for over a month now, we've had one car. That means I've just driven everyone where they need to go rather than Spencer or Earl (or Grace while she was still home) taking a car. Somedays, I never sat down in my house, just walked in the door after work and drove people around all evening. But now we have a second car. That the boys can drive to school or Earl can take to Home Depot. It's an Explorer, but, since two of my children have totaled cars and I have one more learning to drive now, I wanted something big enough to keep him (and the rest of them) safe -- just in case.
I'm also thankful that two of the college classes I'm teaching will end next week and I'll have a mini vacation, teaching only five course through Christmas.
Other things, yes, the weather has been gorgeous. The cats took a nap outside in the hammock with me yesterday. Well, I napped. They kind of clung to the hammock.
And when Tucker was hanging outside with me and the cats, he asked to take a picture of Tupi's fat hanging through the hammock. Not mine.
See, lots of things to be thankful for.
How about you? Are you thankful for something?


Harvee said...

Spory to hear about your allergy to the Aveda. I quite understand as I am also allergic to a ton of things, including medicines! Have a great end of year teaching 5 courses ( I am in awe of that, thinking it's an AWFUL lot of work!) Happy autumn!

Grace said...

Oh my goodness!! Those boys, how cute are they. I'm thankful for my trip to France and how well it's going, and that you were crazy enough to suggest it in the first place. I love you!

Lucia said...

Yes thankful for alot...too many things to mention! Most of all my families health and that I'm still working! Is there a debtor's prison....just asking!

Paulita said...

Harvee, True that 5 seems like a lot, only when compared with 7 can it be a relief.
Grace, So thrilled at the experience you are having, the good with the bad. Can't wait to hear about your latest adventures.
Lucia, Epiphany for the day, it doesn't matter how much you earn, you always spend a little more. Might as well relax!

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