Monday, February 21, 2011


On Saturday, after my very long Friday, I didn't plan to run with my friends. I have managed to skip the entire month of January and was well on my way to avoiding February runs outside as well. Then I blinked my eyes to focus on the clock which read 5:50ish. I wanted to go back to sleep. I was still wrung out like a dishcloth from that full day of swimming and basketball, plus I had three classes worth of essays to grade by the next day.
I made a deal with myself that I would try to fall asleep until 6:10. If I was still awake, I'd get up and meet my friends at the halfway point. When the cat landed on my head, the clock read 6:09. Sigh. Might as well get up.
I always enjoy running with my friends. It's the cold and the tired that I could do without.
At the end of the run, 3.75 miles since I only ran half, I broke into a sprint. I loved stretching out my (admittedly) short legs and feeling the muscles lengthen from my calves to my butt. At the end of a sprint, I can feel my heart soar. I want to lift my arms in the air Rocky style and cheer.
Sprinting at the end of a run brings me joy.
That's what I wanted to ask you: what brings you joy?
Not the kind of quiet, awe-struck joy that you may get from watching the sky turn pink in the morning or seeing a heron wading in the river, but the joy you feel when you want to punch your fist into the air and scream: "Yes!!" A jubilation kind of joy.
Sprinting is not the only thing that gives me this kind of joy. When I finish grading all of the essays waiting in the queue, well, I'm exultant.
And a hot, milky espresso mixed with chocolate can also give me that "I can accomplish anything" kind of joy.
Watch out world if I ever manage to finish grading all of my papers, go for a run that ends in a sprint and follow it up with a mocha.


Lucia said...

when I've finished all my house work!!!! JOY

Michelle said...

I took your inquiry to heart, and after a long walk on this wonderful winter's day, I returned with two snow covered dogs, gratitude for your question, and these answers.
physically - tennis and good food
mentally - deciphering and combining neuroscience theories
emotionally - a tie: reaching my own goals (PARIS and being healthier!) and supporting my kids as they reach theirs
spiritually - a babies smile and laughter

:) to hear Ruth called. <3 to you.

Linda said...

Travel makes me happy.

Just Crazy Ole Me said...

I don't think I get the "I can accomplish anything joy".... I'll stay on the look out for it.

For sure, I know I experience joy I can only described as "Total, Every Cell In My Body Embracing the Moment Joy" and "A Moment of Immense Gratitude Joy".

I know those are probably boring but they are fabulous to me and it doesn't take much for me to experience either - and on the other hand they can't manufactured either.

And the ME in me has to say, for the record, they don't take away all my troubles and I don't live in a state of constant joy. And I am so happy about that.


Paulita said...

You all gave me some joy today. Not the kind that makes me think I can accomplish anything, but the kind that makes me feel happy to have friends.

Stephanie said...

I don't know. I think my "joys" are more the quiet "awe-struck" type that you describe, except for me they are very intense and nearly always involve something in nature. My joyful moments are truly spiritual moments for me. For example, observing a bumble bee rolling around in a flower collecting pollen brings me indescribable joy.

Sprinting at the end of a run causes me misery, followed by relief that it's over. What can I say? I'm a wuss.


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