Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dream World

Does real life ever infiltrate your dreams?
That happened to me last night.
My husband came home some time in the middle of the night after working until 1 a.m. He unloaded the dishwasher and made the boys' lunches. Then he knocked into the office chair as he came into the bedroom with some folded laundry. (I know, overachiever.)
I woke up and thought how thirsty I was. But I was too tired to get up and get a drink of water. I could have asked Earl to get it, but he had already done so much.
He also fed the cats (at 3 in the morning?) but maybe that would keep them from bugging us in the morning. He climbed into bed and a few minutes later I heard the older cat throwing up.
"He's throwing up," I said and pushed the covers back.
"I'll get it,"my prince of an Earl said. And he did. He cleaned it up and talked to the cat for a few minutes before coming back to bed.
Then I slept. In my dream, we were visiting someone else's house, someone with a lot of cats. I went to open the front door and cats were coming in and going out.
My cat, Tybalt, was there.

Why would we take our cats to visit someone?
Tybalt is an indoor cat but he snuck out so I had to grab him and bring him back in.
Then I opened the door again to let more cats in and Tybalt jumped and hit the other cat in midair. Wham! The impact took them several feet out into the yard. They wrestled together in the snow. It was like a cartoon cat fight!
The next thing I knew, I was standing in the kitchen of this strange house drinking water from a big plastic pitcher. That's how my thirst infiltrated my dreams -- a pitcherful of water.
Then my alarm sounded at 5:10 a.m. and I pressed it off. I needed to get up and write and exercise. I have to work today at 9.
The next thing I heard was Tucker's alarm going off. 7 a.m.
So much for good intentions.


Michelle said...

Your dream sounded vivid and entertaining. Did it quench your thirst?
Your post reminded of the time you all visited and Earl woke up to our cat throwing up on his sock. We felt so bad. Glad I can laugh about it now.

Delana said...

I think maybe this is one of those dreams that you should not try to interpret...cats symbolize so many things in dreams. And besides....that dream is just plain bizarre! :) Glad you got a few extra hours.

Linda said...

My cat has also thrown up a lot-not hairballs just cat food. I guess he has some sort of stomach condition. It really makes my husband sick when it happens and he comes and gets me to clean it up every time it happens. My cat will only eat dry cat food too which is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

From what I can gather or should say remember about my dreams, they are basically more of the same, stuff I do during my "waking" hours. Although
the transitions from scene to scene are crazy like yours.

Now Earl - what a DREAM guy !

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