Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I wish I could describe that feeling. The nervousness and anticipation when I send out a letter to an agent. I have carefully honed the letter, hoping to sell the literary agent on my latest book. I try to be immune to the rejections and figure the right agent will see the potential.
I've probably sent only half a dozen query letters for my latest project, Ransoming Raphael. I peruse my list of top agents and choose one carefully like a rich chocolate.
An agent responds, "Send me x number of pages of your manuscript."
And my heart soars.
This one.
This could be the one.
This could be the book. This could be the agent. This could turn my world upside down.
I sit with my completed manuscript and scour it for misspellings, awkward wordings.
Then, like a baby bird perched on the edge of a nest, I send it out, hoping it will soar before it tumbles to the ground.
I push the send button; the pages cross the electronic divide arriving in an agent's inbox. Maybe the agent will open it right away. Maybe the agent will park it in a long cue behind manuscripts about vampires or pirates or the biography of the man who discovered calculators.
I hope she loves mine.
I hope she calls or emails and says, "More please."


Grace said...

I love the new title! Nya and Colleen approve too. Good luck, love you!

NERNSEY said...


Paulita said...

Colleen, That comment goes perfect with the face you are making in your picture!
Thanks to both you and Grace. Your cheering for me buoys my spirits.

Anonymous said...

I'm So Excited For You !

Fingers and Toes Crossed.

Linda said...

Good luck. I know the feeling. I finally gave up and just published my via Kindle and Amazon. It was easier and less painful.

Paulita said...

Linda, You have books for sale on Amazon? Why didn't you tell us? Where do we find them?


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