Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to live thousands of years ago? A time when highways didn't crisscross the country and McDonalds didn't blare its yellow red logo at you?
Imagine standing in a prehistoric time where the plants exerted their influence, where tree trunks became buttressed to withstand the swampy soil and sent up "knees" underground to increase their strength.
Imagine longing for a glimpse of the sun's warmth. Green plants emerging from the brown muck to find the light.
Animals with tough skins lift their heads to the sun.
And others burrow into the ground.
The trees and the swamps go on and on. The wind rushes through the tops of the hammock rattling the palm fronds, sending debris down below. That rustle in the bushes, is it another animal?
What could that be gliding through the water?
Alone in a prehistoric land. An alien land.
Imagine how small you'd feel


Linda said...

I've often wondered what it was like myself-especially as the world was forming with all of those mighty upheavals.

Sheila said...

awesome pictures!


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