Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Tears

Just when you think the plane could be coming in for a smooth landing, things get bumpy again. Grace has been accepted at her number one college so things should be good.
Adding to her jubilation, this week, she found out she was nominated for Scholar Athlete. The newspaper asks each high school to nominate a male and female athlete. They get pictures and articles in the sports section of the newspaper, and 17 students are chosen to share a big pool of scholarship money. Grace was on cloud nine. The athletic director picked her from all the other female athletes in the school, including some with well-known parents. She learned that the athletic director talked to teachers and coaches before making her decision, so somewhere teachers and coaches are saying nice things about her. She felt like she had won for once.
Of course, the fly in the ointment, my husband works for the local newspaper. So he felt the need to clarify whether Grace was actually eligible to receive the scholarship money. After several rounds of phone calls, he found that although she could receive the plaque and the newspaper publicity, she couldn't receive the scholarship money since Earl works at the paper.
When I told Grace, she cried, leaving a wet spot on the leg of my pants. "I should give it back to them and let them choose someone else," she sobbed.
It's hard to know the right thing to do. Should Grace get the acknowledgement from the school and the city, or should she give up her spot to let another student at her high school have a chance at the scholarship?
I suppose even considering whether to return it means she's going to be okay either way. She thinks about doing the responsible things. Maybe she could be on one of those insurance commercials about people who do the right thing. Think she could get a scholarship for that?


Stephanie said...

First of all, congratulations once again Grace! What an honor!

The truth is, she did win/earn that award. And she also knows what the right thing to do is. You should be very proud of her, not just for earning that award, but even more so for her consideration of another student. It doesn't get any better than that.

Linda said...

How great for your daughter and then, what a bummer that she can't get the scholarship money. She must be a great girl and I know she owes it all to her parents.

Sheila said...

That really sucks, but it's great that Grace can look beyond herself and think about helping others. She should be very proud for what she has accomplished. Everything happens for a reason, I'm sure in the end it will all work out.

Just saying said...

Who said life starts after high school; Grace is living the real thing - good bad ugly messy joy tears
all in one.

She's terrific and what ever she does will be fine.

ps. she's been my hero since ive known you.

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