Saturday, October 26, 2019

Bike and Wine Tour

Today we set off in the dark morning with just a sliver of moon lighting the way, crossing the mountains and coming down again into the Corbières valley, a region famous for wine making in this part of France. 
It was a bike ride and wine tasting. 
The short ride was 76 kilometers, about 47 miles, with 4 wine tastings and lunch included.

Our friend Steve is  practically a professional biker and his wife Lou also rides well on her nice bike. 

Earl and I have heavier bikes called hybrids. We like them but felt the drag of them today. 

Our first stop, about 8 miles in looked like a visiting circus with all the multi-colored bicycle gear. 

The wine looked nice and I had flashbacks to the Beaujolais Nouveau we would snap up at Trader Joe’s in November but the wine did not live up to my expectations. 
We hopped on our bikes for 25 more kilometers

 to Lagrasse where we stopped for a snack, ham and butter on baguettes, soft drinks or wine.
Back on the bikes to Terre d’expressions for more wine. This one was called Premeur, still a new wine. 

Our last gasp of a ride before arriving for lunch, 12 kilometers. 
We’d ridden 61 kilometers, when we sat down for lunch, noodles with pork, meatballs and sausages. 

Plus more wine. 

The wine tasted better each time, but maybe that just came from tiredness. 
We had cheese and dessert at the end. 

All of this for 12 euros and a little sweat equity. 
It was a beautiful day and we both needed a break from working — Earl on the house and me teaching. 
Now we’re sitting in the sun while Lou and Steve cycle the 15 kilometers back to the car. They’ll pick us up and we only feel slightly decadent choosing not to ride the final 15 k.


Latane Barton said...

Oh you brave soul... 47 miles, did you say? I would have fallen off my bike in 47 feet! I know you had fun.

John and Lynn Phillips said...

How fantastic!! A short ride lol....yes I think the wine tasted better as the ride grew longer for sure. Great adventure!

Unknown said...

this is a nice blog. bhakti gana

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