Thursday, October 24, 2019

Renovation in France

Our life
This picture of Earl and me standing in our reno zone house pretty much sums up my life, except I look way too happy.
We’ve had some small accomplishments. 
Thanks to our friend Jules, the floor in one room is tiled. 
Don't you love the electrical wires hanging in the middle of this picture?

A few special tiles which some people are still complaining about.
We have a working bathroom with a new sink and toilet in the upstairs. 
I have a place to teach and Internet. 
The bedroom is unpainted but the bed is put together. 
And yesterday we received our bed from Amazon and got it out together.
Earl has done a lot of tearing up. Hopefully now we’re at the building back stage. 
Watch for updates as swiftly as a builder renovates... JK. 
I’ll try to post more frequently than that. 


sillygirl said...

So, new comments every six months or so? (Hope I am just kidding!)

Paulita said...

Sillygirl, Me too. I decided to post something short with a few photos since it became obvious I was not going to be writing long posts. The builders are allegedly working all next week to make some real progress. We'll see. Maybe I'll be ecstatic by the end of next week.

Jeanie said...

Tiling is so hard! IT's fun to see it in progress -- dream home!

Unknown said...

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