Thursday, August 31, 2017

Down Time is For Dreaming

My days off this semester are Thursdays and Sundays. I know I don't work a full 40 hours in the office kind of job, but there is just something absolutely freeing about a day without work requirements. (I'll probably do some lesson planning anyway, but the idea that I don't have to is marvelous.)
And today has some lovely things in it already.
Sheila and I re-visited American Girls
 with our grown up daughters last year. 
The first was a two-hour walk with my friend Sheila. I will miss her when we move. We became friends when our kids were little and we both homeschooled. Now, she is the only one of my homeschool mom friends that I see regularly. We try to walk two or three times a week. We generally stop and get coffee to carry with us (another thing I'll miss in France, but being forced to sit down and drink it has its benefits, too). I would say that I have very few secrets from Sheila. She doesn't judge
when my kids have wandered off the proper path to being grown ups, and I don't judge her three kids either, although we are both quick to point out how stupid some of our children's actions are.
The only thing on my schedule for the day was a phone call with someone in France who is looking for a housesitter, so I looked forward to that. I'm sitting here now waiting for her call. Four cats in the Loire Valley.
I also have another interview -- Facetime, so I need to look respectable -- with a couple outside London who need a housesitter for their two dogs and dachshund puppy! Yes, I know that London isn't in France, but one of the benefits of living in France is being able to explore other countries as well. Earl has never been to the U.K., so I thought it would be a good chance to explore.
My day is filled with dreams and searches for airlines and hotels and house sitting opportunities. I love it because I can dream about the endless possibilities.
On the visa front, a friend in Aix en Provence has said we can use her address as our permanent address while we are in France. That means we have to spend time in Aix en Provence to present our papers to the local government. I do love Aix.
The beautiful Cours Mirabeau in Aix en Provence
An attempt at an artsy photo on a morning run in Aix. The telephone wire kind of ruins it. 
So slowly, we are getting all of our necessary documents and we'll keep working toward that visa. As my friend in Aix said, "You go get that visa, girl!"


Anonymous said...

American Girl doll store. Oh the salad days.
Good luck with the visa! And the pet-sitting!

Philippe F. said...

Quel bonheur de voir que votre projet de vivre en France avance aussi bien.Et vous avez raison, Londres est très proche de la France grâce à EUROSTAR ( 2h pour Paris / 4 h 30 pour Lyon / 5 h 30 pour Marseille ). Vous aurez sans problème votre visa pour " la belle France " en tant qu' amoureuse de notre pays et des nombreux amis qui vous attendent !// How wonderful to see your project to live in France moves forward so well.You are right , London is very close to France by EUROSTAR TGV trains ( 2 h to Paris / 4h30 Lyon / 5h30 Marseille ). You' ll get your visa for " La belle France " for sure as a deep lover of our country and the many friends who wait for you here! Good luck Paulita and thanks to share your " Dreaming of France ".

Kiwi said...

Sounds like progress! Kudos et bon courage!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Such a sweet post. BTW, I've been trying to keep up with your France move plans throughout the summer, even though I wasn't blogging or commenting much. Hope all will fall into place nicely.

aguja said...

Yes. Hope all falls into place and you find contentment there. It looks idyllic.

Unknown said...

Good luck with the visa! And the pet-sitting!


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vaiybora said...

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