Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunshine and Photography

On my recent writers' retreat, I was lucky enough to go walking with a friend who is an artist.
She noted how I was attracted to sunburst pictures.

And it's true. I'm frequently taking pictures with the sun shining through the trees or over the horizon.
I love the lines of light that peek through the forest. 

The lines of the fallen tree in this one caught my eye. 
More sunburst in the woods -- different day. 
My artist friend explained that what I  needed to do was take pictures of the sun shining on objects instead.
And she took a picture of me with the sun illuminating my face. 
So as I walked alone in the woods a few days later (see my previous  post) when I was sure that a bear wouldn't chase me down, I took some selfies of the sun lighting my face.
Here's my first selfie attempt. 
I like this one much better with the way the light shines on my eyes.
I'll continue to experiment with light and photography and hope that my pictures get better as I prepare for my move to France.


Sim Carter said...

I think I can still see a trace of fear of the bear in that first attempt! I just read the previous post, man you are one brave mamacita!

Paulita said...

Sim, Ha! I always hated to have to get someone to accompany me when I walked across campus at night, and the feeling continues when I'm on a lonely trail by myself. I'm a grown up. I should be able to hike a trail alone.
Thanks for visiting.

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