Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dreaming of France -- Golfing in France

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Since it's Father's Day, I'm thinking about my dad and realizing that we won't be in the same country next  year on Father's Day since my husband and I plan to move to France next May.
My brother and me as we celebrated an early
Father's Day with my Dad before he
returned to Florida last week. 
And I know that I will return to the States to visit my parents, but I wonder whether they will fly over to see us in France.
They have traveled overseas before, but they went to New Zealand and Australia. They've never been to Europe.
So when my parents visited from Florida a few weeks ago, I broached the subject, asking if they'd come visit.
My dad didn't beat around the bush. He asked whether they have golf courses in France. He and Mom golf four or five days a week and they live just a few houses down from the clubhouse at their course.
Frankly, I couldn't answer their question. Although I've visited France 11 times, I've never looked for a golf course there.
"There must be golf courses," I said. "Aren't there professional golfers from France?"
And my parents agreed that France does have professional golfers.
So today, preparing for another Dreaming of France, I thought I'd see what my Dad can dream of in France. I searched for golf courses in the Languedoc Roussilon region of France where we plan to move. And, apparently, this region is a haven for golfers.

This map shows the top 15 courses in the area.
And from the prices, 40 to 50 Euros per round, it seems that the price is comparable to what people pay to play in the U.S.
Now we'll just have to figure out how to get my parents' clubs over to France, but at least I have a chance to see them in France someday.
Have you ever played golf in France? Is it very different from playing in the U.S.?

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Unknown said...

Hi Paulita,

My fiance is a golf pro but doesn't like to play golf when on holiday because it feels like work :), when we were in Montpellier a few years back he took my sister's family out for a round of lessons at a practice range ( I can't remember which golf course it was ) but it seems very much like home here in the US. Your parents can easily check in their clubs as checked baggage I think. Just take them to visit the market and the medieval villages, they might 'forget' about golf :)..

Sim Carter said...

If they can handle that long, long flight to Australia, a little hop over to France will be a joy for them. And I bet they rent out clubs at the club house too. My father-in-law was the same kind of golfer as your parents are, it was his main source of happiness. It's hard for them to be separated from their passion but I'm sure they'll go see you, especially if you round up the kids and make it one giant family reunion.

Anonymous said...

The Carcassonne golf course is very nice. We have lots of friends who golf (we don't)--there's a large anglophone contingent there. When our kid was in elementary school, the sixth grade took lessons for a few months.

Paulita said...

Thanks, Bi Ti, Sim and Francetaste for the golfing comments. I truly had never thought about golf and France, so it's probably best that I investigated it.

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