Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dinner Party

This weekend ended up being busier than I expected because I spent a lot of time trying to help Spencer with his communication problems from faraway Florida.
Plus I drove around with Grace for two hours in the pouring rain, and we got no where since the rehearsal she thought she had was canceled.
And yesterday, I hosted a little dinner party. Once a month we've been trying to get the old homeschooling group together.
Many of us don't homeschool any more and some of us don't even have kids at home any more, but we still enjoy each other's company.  So we've been scheduling dinners each month. Usually they include husbands and occasionally even kids.
The drink in the foreground was the sorbet
and prosecco. The drink in the back looks
like Hawaiian punch, but is much stronger.
The party was at my house for March and we settled on the last Saturday of the month. I knew my husband had to work, so I made it a Moms only night.  I declared it a "Sex and the City" type night with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. I was inspired by listening each week to a radio program called "The Dinner Party Download."
Since the weather turned cold and the rain turned to freezing rain then snow, I also made a big pot of tomato soup.
I tried three appetizers and two cocktails.
One appetizer was definitely a bust. It was crab mixed with lime and mint then served on toasted bread rounds. Ick. I threw away most of those.
My favorite that I made was dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon.
I also made mini quiches with asparagus tops and cherry tomatoes in them.
I searched for Sex and the City cocktails and ended up going for fruity drinks.
Both the drinks were yummy. I started with a raspberry sorbet mixed with pepper then scooped into a glass. I poured Prosecco over that.
The other one, which looked like Hawaiian punch, was orange vodka, plus pink grapefruit juice, plus ginger liqueur and strawberry syrup.
The best part of the night, of course, was sitting with my friends while we ate and drank. We caught up on everyone's life.
There might've been some complaints about children, but none of us were as desperate as the characters in Sex and the City get.


Mystica said...

The drinks sound very good!

Just Me said...

Yum. You ladies know how to party. Sounds like so much fun.

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