Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take A Hint

Two things I'd like you all to remind me of next time I say that I'm going to quit running or take a break from running:
1. I always gain weight when I quit running
2. It takes forever to get back in running shape (able to breathe while covering miles)
This is not my screenshot.
It is from
For the past week or so, I've been running again. Well, walking and running. At first I started walking a block, running a block.
In Florida, along the beach, I didn't have that option, and then in my parents' neighborhood, the blocks might stretch for miles, so I decided to follow the App on my iPhone -- iMap My Run.
I would walk a tenth of a mile then run two tenths of a mile.
I thought I was getting better. This morning I even ran four tenths and half a mile before stopping to walk, but it was right around that time that my iPhone began showing the locations of bus stops.
Okay, I can take a hint that I'm moving a little slow for the iPhone.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

You get a gold star for sticking with it at any speed. I started walking again as it was a bit cooler. My knees are too old for running these days:)

Linda said...

I need to get back into running too. Between the heat and grandsons, I've let it slide.

Paulita said...

The heat was the factor that drove me to sloth-dom this summer. My mother helpfully pointed out later that I could have gone to the Y to run.

Noreen said...

Yeah, it's definitley easier to slog through bad runs no matter how miserable than to try and get back into running shape.

What is completely unfair is the fact that it takes forever to get back into running shape, but it only takes a few missed runs for one to get out of shape. What's with that?

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