Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I get nothing done...

From the top of the basement stairs I see that the dehumidifer is blinking. That means it needs to be emptied. Heavy sigh.
As long as I'm going, I grab some kitchen towels that need to be washed. I get downstairs and see a wet towel laying on a chair by the desk. I grab it and venture into the boys' bathroom where I see a towel and a washcloth that need to be washed.
I look down at the overflowing trash can and sigh again. How difficult is it to walk the trashcan over to the big one in the laundry room? I grab it too.
I empty the trash can and see that a bunch of towels are wadded on top of the washing machine. I start a load.
The kitty pan needs to be scooped. I scoop it and add some more litter to the pan.
I start back to the bathroom and realize I forgot the trash can. I get it and go back to pick up the rest of the trash that had overflowed onto the floor. I notice a damp smell in the bathroom and I open the shower door. I spray the whole shower with Tilex, emptying out the soap and shampoo.
I go to wash my hands after the Tilex incident and notice that the hand soap dispenser is empty. Now I'll need to go upstairs to refill it. As I start upstairs I notice that I haven't emptied the dehumidifier -- the reason I came to the basement. I empty it finally.
A one-minute job that took 20.
This photo comes from Maybe I could find bicycles on my washing machine instead of wet towels.


Audubon Ron said...

ADHD. I got it too. Takes me twice as long to shop for groceries. I go to isle 1, then isle 8, then isle 4, back to isle 1.

Sheila said...

I was having that same issue this morning when i tried to get dressed. I told Dan I was already overwhelmed by the day just from trying to get dressed, it's ridiculous! :)

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