Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time to Yell "Yopp!" on Health Care

This morning, a little later than I should have, I sent emails to the two senators and one representative who speak for me in Washington, D.C. I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I've had some time to let the ideas percolate.
I think health care in the U.S. definitely needs fixing. We pay about $64 a week for insurance through my husband's work. I know that isn't much compared to people who have to get their own insurance. But we also have about $4000 taken out every year and put into a medical savings account. Total, we pay about $7300 and we usually run out of that money in our medical savings account so we end up paying more. It just depends how many bones our children break, who needs braces, and who has physical therapy. And we're a healthy family. We have no chronic illnesses.
I hate watching the party that is currently in control in the government (democrats) wimp out. It's like they get to Washington and can't remember the people they left behind. They're so intrigued by the big parties and worried about getting re-elected, they become hypnotized by big business.
So, here's the message I sent:
"I am for a public option. Healthcare needs to be turned around for everyone. We have good healthcare through my husband's job but we still end up paying an exorbitant amount. Please think about the people you are representing and stand up for them rather than the insurance companies.
Think about how companies in other countries with socialized medicine benefit from not having to pay healthcare for their workers.If we had something similar, this could help boost our economy as well.
We have traveled in Europe and seen how well their healthcare is run. A trip to the emergency room with my son in Italy cost 75 euro. I laughed when they asked if we wanted them to bill our insurance.
We aren't scared of the word socialism. We have "socialist" roads and highways that everyone can use. We have "socialist" schools that everyone can attend equally. Don't be afraid of labels, just do the right thing for the people you represent."
I'm not sure if my message will make a difference, but I know I can't make a difference if I don't send it.
When I talk politics and health care with people, I usually reference a woman who is on a writer's email group with me. Someone posted a fund raiser for an American woman who had breast cancer. They were trying to raise money for her treatment.
Another woman on the list who was American but lives in Italy now, responded that she had survived breast cancer. She said that while she was sick, she was able to focus on getting better rather than raising funds, because the treatment was paid for in Italy. She said she couldn't imagine having the added stress of worrying about how to pay the bills and whether she might bankrupt her familiy.
That really struck me. How different would an illness be if the focus was on recovering rather than worrying about the payments?
Let's go, Americans. We need health care reform. Like the Dr. Seuss story Horton Hears A Who, it is time for all of us to gather together and yell, "YOPP!" so they hear us, they know that we are here. If you remember the story, Horton the elephant was trying to save a small speck of dust that had a whole world on it, but the other animals couldn't hear the people who lived on the speck of dust. They all needed to yell out to be heard. So, the mayor:
"just as he felt he was getting nowhere,
And almost about to give up in despair,
He suddenly burst through a door and that Mayor
Discovered one shirker! Quite hidden away
In the Fairfax Apartments (Apartment 12-J)
A very small, very small shirker named Jo-Jo
was standing, just standing, and bouncing a Yo-Yo!
Not making a sound! Not a yipp! Not a chirp!"
Don't be Jo-Jo! Don't be a shirker! Don't let health care fail because you refuse to yell louder than the right wing.
Push your representatives to pass health care with a public option. Now is the time.


Ruth said...

I am all for reforming health care but I do want everyone to remember that the socialized health care in countries like Italy and Canada is in fact funded by people like you and I. What I mean by this is that American dollars either through ivnestment or helath spending, fund 90% of the research done into treatments for that woman's breast cancer in Italy. Until the rest of the world pays their fair share, and that means those of us that have good insurance, socialized medicine or subsidized medicine, those of us who pay, will always pay throuh the nose. Ask someone without insurance what they paid for their last lab test, then look at your insurance statement and see what they negotiated and then look to see what socialized medicine pays for the same thing. You will se a downward spiral that contributes to the rising cost of healthcare here.
It is not that I don't support health care reform but like many things in Washington, so much gets left out of the discussion taht is not politically correct or expediant. We are lucky here, but we pay for it, through the nose while much of the rest of the industrialized world gets a free ride

Stephanie said...

Here's the "YOPP!" that I sent this morning:

DO THE RIGHT THING. You represent ALL of us, not just the special interest groups who are attempting to brainwash the American people with their fear mongering and to seduce "you", our representatives, in order to sustain the health care status quo which YOU KNOW is a very dysfunctional system. Please do the right thing and support President Obama's plan for health care reform. Make Ohio proud.

Paulita said...

Thanks, Stephanie.
And let me just make people aware that Ruth, my good friend, does work for a pharmaceutical company so that gives her a different perspective. Plus, she has married two Republicans.

Ruth said...

Not only did I marry 2 republicans but it is also possible I have only ever had sex with Republicans (notice the capital R), but I'm still right, and I am a liberal

Ruth said...

This blog is really going downhill what with the sex comments

Anonymous said...

I go way the opposite direction when it comes to religious or political opinions. That’s why I think sex is always a safe topic. Srsly, this post actually made me think of something I hadn’t considered before. When it comes to health care, like roads and bridges, it might a little like infrastructure. We want a dependable and productive workforce and a healthy society. That’s good all the way around.

But that’s as far as I go, I’m not wading in this pool any deeper.

Oh, and good for you writing to your federal reps.

Just me said...

Here Here Pauli !!

Hope the socialist highways comment can wake a few people up.

Can it whatever you want to call it REAL REFORM NOW !

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