Monday, September 14, 2009


I know that all too soon my children will be gone, having moved on to college and careers and marriages of their own. But for right now, this one moment, I am so happy to have the house quiet and to myself, but for the skitter of the cats.
A hectic morning of pancakes, and pain from wisdom teeth removal, along with complaints of colds and allergies, and a little anxiety about a French counting quiz had various children lobbying to just stay home today rather than going to school. But finally they're all out the door.
My husband, who is usually home during the day now, is safely ensconced in some Canadian Provincial park, immersed in wilderness, and I have the day to myself.
A break between classes this week.
Nothing but me and my computer to hammer out scenes from my latest novel.
That and a good cup of coffee.
Life is sweet.

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Linda said...

I love those sorts of days. Hope you enjoy it.


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