Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Benadryl & Sudafed & Crutches, Oh my

My friend Angela thinks she really wants a baby. I try to update her on life with my kids as birth control incentive.
Yesterday, two of my kids were at the doctors. One with an indeterminate rash and the other with mystery pains in her ankle. My husband took Tuck to the doctor because I was working. Contact dermatitis, like poison ivy. Look, it's not poison ivy. I am a pro at recognizing the blisters once they're on the skin. I just can't recognize the plant to stay out of it.
Tuck has these big red welts on the back of his neck and the underside of his arms. But I wasn't there to argue, so he got a cortizone cream prescription and a quart of Haagen Dazs ice cream. He also is taking Benadryl (store brand!) and it upset his stomach, so the pharmacist suggested ginger ale and crackers before he takes it.This rash is paying big sugar dividends.
Grace had been on two Aleve each morning and night for the pain in her shin/ankle. The sports med doctor at Children's Hospital put her in a knee-high boot and told her to stay off it. Not stay off it like using the crutches to get to the pool and then swimming, but stay off it. I don't say it, but am I thinking what about the personal training, what about the week at the University of Louisville Swim Camp? Yes. What will happen to this summer's swim season. Maybe a nice division three college will suit her just fine.
Then last night that little nagging cough of Grace's turned into a full-blown head cold. She was up blowing her nose and coughing. I took her some Sudafed (store brand!). When I got back from my run she was already up and in the shower getting ready for school.
Are you going? I asked.
"I've got a choir concert tonight and if I don't go they won't let me sing."
If she doesn't sing, her grade drops.
"Go back to bed for awhile. I'm taking Spencer in later," I told her.
And Spencer, well he got up in his Ohio State sleep pants, ate a bowl of cereal and a cereal bar and settled into the armchair to finish an essay he should have written last night.
Even when they can feed and dress themselves, they continue to be full time jobs. Most of the time I enjoy their company, but the times that I don't (obnoxious 13-year-old) there's no escaping.
You sure you want kids, Angela?

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