Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Successfully Landed in France

Messages from friends reminded me that I hadn’t updated the story of Earl’s travels.
He landed in Paris Sunday morning, and the same flight for the next day through Iceland was cancelled because of snow storms. He just made it.  
The required photo with the Eiffel Tower -- but he does look happy. 
He caught a train into Paris and settled into his lonely (I imagine) hotel room near the Pantheon, without me.
The Pantheon
That night he joined our friends Linda (Frenchless in France) and Maurice for drinks and we Facetimed so I could see the beautiful views and the fabulous remodel. I can't wait to visit Paris again so I can see the apartment myself.
Earl wandered the city the next day, complaining about the cold until I explained that it was 12 degrees here (-11 celcius).
He went to the Rodin museum, one of the museums we haven't explored yet in Paris, but it was closed "exceptionellement" for a private event.
So, instead, he headed to one of our favorite places, Saint Chappelle, a gothic church that amazes us with the colors of the windows every time.
Soaring windows. When the sun is bright the bystanders are bathed in blue. 

Some details
I don't know if he ventured into any restaurants and had a meal alone, which I have done in Paris, reading a book on my phone or just people watching.
But he did stop by his favorite creperie on Rue Mouffetarde to buy a panini before he headed back to his hotel room.
Eating it on the street like a real American
This morning, he caught the train to Carcassonne where friends will pick him up and he'll return to our new/old house.
I'm sure he stopped at Starbucks because he was thinking of me. 
It will be nice to picture him under the covers in our bed tonight, even though he'll be freezing without me there to warm him with my hot flashes.


Latane Barton said...

Such a journey but one I am so envious of. Oh to see Paris again... in the springtime... or anytime.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I will be in Paris this time next week. So excited!

Paulita said...

Latane, Thanks for reading along. I hope you get to Paris again.
Deb! So excited for you. And the Metro strike just ended so you should have full travel in Paris.

Just Me said...

This post is so sweet.

sillygirl said...

The strike just ended??? Hooray! So glad you didn't have a long story of how Earl finally got home! Now we just want it to be easy when you go on your way back.

Paulita said...

Just Me, Thanks.
Sillygirl, Yes, glad it was easy for him to return. Now they're facing high water in QUillan, but not as bad as farther down the river. Hope everything is dried out when I return. I leave one month from today.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Travelling to a bolthole in France from the other side of the world is challenging at the best of times, but made even more so when travelling on one's own and facing strikes in France. It takes us 36 hours of non stop travel to get from our home in Australia to My French Folly in northeastern France. xxx


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