Wednesday, January 01, 2020

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year!
This working life in the States is taking its toll on me, so I was in bed before midnight last night, but not until after a lovely dinner with some friends.
Even though I had taken the day off teaching, I woke up very early.
But I lay in bed leisurely scrolling through news stories and Facebook on my phone.
My friend Pam has a theory, a superstition, that whatever you're doing on the first day of the year, you'll continue to do throughout the year.
So, I took a nice 4-mile run in the 32-degree weather, through the streets where we used to live in Grandview Heights. It was definitely warmer than yesterday when a biting wind drove Sheila and me into a coffee shop where we could sit and chat.
But not today. I had to make my New Year's run.
While perusing Facebook earlier in the day, I'd see my friend Sally who works at the YMCA had invited everyone to a water fitness class on New Year's Day.
In for a penny, I figured I might as well go to water fitness class too. Sally said she was afraid only two people would show up, but I was not alone in wanting to start my day off with fitness.
There were 24 of us who showed up for the New Year's Day class.
I'm in the front center with a blue noodle. 
I hadn't taken a water fitness class for years and thought it wouldn't be challenging, but it was fun and I know my muscles will feel it tomorrow, especially the arm work lifting buoyant weights -- actually fighting to keep them underwater. The water in the Y's pool is always a lovely warm temperature and I loved being in the water again.
Fresh from an hour-long workout. 
Like Elizabeth Warren on the campaign stump, Sally took a selfie with each of us.
We move on from another housesit today. We've been challenged by the rambunctious puppy Molly, a sheepadoodle who galumphs throughout the house and doesn't know how her body moves yet.
Molly -- queen of the couch
We're going to stay with our friends through Grace's wedding.
Hope you all have begun the New Year in a way that brings you joy.


Kiwi said...

Wishing you all the best for a fulfilling and contented new year, and much happiness for your daughter and her groom. Hope you will keep writing about the joys and challenges of living in France.

Mary said...

I have enjoyed reading of your adventures, both traveling and living in France. Happy New Year!

Paulita said...

Kiwi, Thanks. Trying to be more consistent writing this year. I'm sure I'll have more time to write while I'm in the States, but no one wants to hear about those adventures! Thanks for commenting.
Mary, Thanks for your support. Always happy to get a comment from a reader.

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