Friday, April 12, 2019

L'Atelier des Lumières - Van Gogh

Last year, as I reviewed some of the best things we had done in France, I included two visits to Carrières de Lumières and L'Atelier des Lumières, huge art installations that projected artwork onto walls and played music to go along with art. One was near Nimes in the South of France and the other in Paris. You can read my blog posts about them here and here.
When I learned that the exhibit this year would be Van Gogh, I had to go. Since Earl was flying out of Paris, we made a mini-vacation out of it with two nights in Paris.
I bought the tickets for the art show ahead of time, which was a wise choice because the tickets were sold out when we arrived in line. We went for the earliest show at 10 a.m. People seemed anxious about getting in, but there really was no rush because you can stay as long as you want, and there are plenty of places to watch the show.
We got in quite early and I had told Earl that I had been there before and didn't like the view from the balcony. As we perched on a round wooden seat, a guard came by and told us the best view was from the balcony, and there were comfortable seats. We decided to move to the balcony, but I should have listened to my own advice.
We could get some panoramic pictures from up high, but watching from the balcony was kind of removed from being down on the floor in the midst of the color, feeling the images move around me and getting a bit dizzy, as if the colors really were washing over me.
A panoramic view from the balcony

A photo I took on the floor when we stayed for the second airing of the Van Gogh exhibit
More irises

A shot of Starry Night from the balcony

The sun over the bare trees
One of the special things about the exhibit is that the creators find motion in the pictures and add that to the artwork.
I tried to record a few short videos that show the motion.
After the Van Gogh, there was a Japanese Dream exhibit. I captured part of that from the floor, which is where I recommend you plant yourself if you make it to the exhibit.

These look 3D, don't they?
Earl enjoyed the show, but admitted he preferred the giant limestone cave where the exhibit takes place in the South of France. Perhaps we'll get a chance to see it there again if we have any visitors this year.
Well worth the cost of 14.90 Euros for the ticket. Go if you can.


Jackie McGuinness said...

We have tickets for April 30!!!!

Paulita said...

Jackie, That's great. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Remember, watch it from downstairs. You can wander upstairs if you want, but I preferred it downstairs. How long are you in Paris?

Jackie McGuinness said...

We are in Paris from April 28 to May 2 on our own. Then joining a bus tour around France (places we haven't been) until the 14th then going to Rome and Florence on our own until May 21 when we go to Barcelona for a few days before coming home.

Kiwi said...

Just enjoyed this show recently too. You had the right idea going early, because late afternoon was rather crowded. Regardless of the hour, it should not be missed (especially the Japanese short - so beautiful!). The show will run into December, so maybe more of your readers will get to see it.

Sim Carter said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that we can extend our trip to London with a visit to Paris on May 26th. We won't know for a bit yet so fingers also crossed tix will be avail. Sounds amazing. Thanks for heads up.

Kiwi said...

Re: Mariam - For cryin' out loud, how do these people find and ruin even the nicest blogs?

Jackie McGuinness said...

I have been getting these crazy comments in the last month on blogger.

Paulita said...

Kiwi and Jackie, I do get on the comments and try to get rid of spam, but some of them work pretty hard at it. Thanks for calling it out.

Jeanie said...

I thought the Klimt was the best ticket price per value of attraction of anything I saw in Europe last fall. I know this would be the same. I long to see the VanGogh and would love to get to Paris before it closes in December, but probably not likely. Sigh...

NIKE said...

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