Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Huge in France on Netflix

I've been boring my local friends by telling them they should watch Huge in France, so I thought I'd spread the word to you.
Maybe my views are not pure since I am an American living in France, but the show has made me laugh as a French comedian travels to LA to reunite with his teenage son. He keeps telling people that he's famous in France, he's the French Jerry Seinfeld, but no one seems to care because he is not famous in LA.
Some of the situations are so French that I just chuckle.
He's trying to convince his son to spend time with him, so he suggests a meal. Or even a coffee. Or even a coffee while they walk like all the Americans do.
That is so American. I got a coffee to go from the new coffee truck this morning. It has a lid and everything. As I walked down the street to my apartment, a Frenchman standing by his window commented on my coffee.
What can I say? "I'm just like an American, walking and drinking coffee," I said to him in French, even though, I am really an American, but the French can't really tell if my accent is British or Australian or American.

The guy who stars in the show is a French actor you will have seen in so many French movies, if you have watched French movies. His name is Gad Elmaleh. And in America, he introduces himself as "C'est Gad," which translates to "It's Gad." Okay, that also reminds me of the time Tucker was two and he came down the stairs at our house in Michigan and said, "Here's Tucker."
But Gad is used to being recognized. He gets no recognition in the States.
The movie I most remember the actor from is The Valet where he plays the role of a valet who pretends to have an affair with a model to save a French businessman from his wife's wrath. (Also a fun movie.)
Anyway, in one of the episodes of Huge in France, they return to Paris, and the scenery is beautiful. There's Notre Dame in its full glory, and I realized that movies will be recognized henceforth as pre and post-fire in Notre Dame. Unlike the Twin Towers, which are there and then gone. the remaining shell of Notre Dame will be quite obvious in films. That made me sad.
Only the first season of Huge in France is out, and the teenage son is a bit of a conceited monster and the wife is also unlikable, but I know Gad will prevail eventually. I watched to the end of the first season.
In one episode, Gad says to his son's friend, that he wishes he could hug him, but he didn't really know how to do it American-style. Again, in France he would have simply kissed the guy's cheeks. The young man tries to show him how to do an American hug, but one extra pat on the back "made it weird." Gad has a lot to learn about America.
Jerry Seinfeld makes some guest appearances. Maybe you'll learn a little something about life in France too.
Check it out and think of me, struggling to fit in on the opposite side of the ocean.


John and Lynn Phillips said...

We will definitely watch...sounds fantastic!!

Paulita said...

John and Lynn, Francophiles like me, you're bound to enjoy it.

sillygirl said...

You made me laugh! Only people that travel some can fully appreciate the clash of cultures - I'll look for it! Thanks!

Louise said...

OOOH, this sounds right up my street, and it's on Australian Netflix! I'd not heard of it at all, thanks for telling us about it. Sorry to be a stranger about your blog lately- I've been a bit of a stranger on my own blog too... not enough time in the days.

Sim Carter said...

Sounds like it will be right up my street— as Louise says—too! Especially as an Angeleno where I happen to live in a walkable area—shops, restaurants, library, dry cleaners, bookstores, everything steps away but most people in LA don't. They drive to places like the Grove where they can then walk with coffee. Superbe!

Paulita said...

Sillygirl and Louise, Hopefully, you know enough about American culture (doesn't everyone) to enjoy the irony. Great to hear from both of you. And I haven't been so devoted to my blog either.
Sim, I'm sure you'll have even more insights since it's set in LA.

Phoebe | Lou Messugo said...

Somehow this has slipped my radar but I love the sound of it and will definitely take a look. By the way my blog linky #AllAboutFrance is back on again if you'd like to link a post up. Would love to see you there.

Phoebe | Lou Messugo said...

You'll find the details of the linky on my blog (Lou Messugo) by the way!

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