Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Readers' Workouts -- July

Joy at Joy's Book Blog has built up a community of people who love to read and work out.

When I visited Joy's blog, I learned that she sets a monthly workout goal. I had never thought of doing that. I usually take it day by day, and most days, I expect to exercise.
I feel incredible guilty if I don't start my day with a run, or at the very least, a walk with my friend Sheila.
One day this week, I reached my 10,000 step goal before 7 a.m.
I also have been exercising with my daughter for her Beach Body workout, which really made me feel muscles I didn't realize I had. I'm taking a break from Beach Body this week, but will probably start again next week.
Trying to judge how much I exercise per month, I turned to my Fitbit record. According to the dashboard, I've walked 225.38 miles since June 27, so in the past month.
No wonder my sandals are worn out. Of course, when I run, I don't wear my sandals.
I'm not sure if that number is a lot or not. I guess I'll have to compare it to the upcoming months.
Thanks for the reminder, Joy, to check in with  you and other bloggers on exercising.


Roz and John said...

Paulita another good blog, as I have said before I am by no means a book reader but this paragraph intrigued me, probably because I can relate to the time and such things as filling the inkwells, happy days

Joy said...

Setting a monthly goal gives me some flexibility to meet it. If things go badly one day, there's still plenty of time to get back into a good track.

Anonymous said...

The idea of a goal is interesting. I am a very goal-oriented person, and I guess I have some--running 3 times straight around the chateau, for example. The thing I love, though, is my Pilates class. I have muscles I never thought possible!

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