Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dreaming of France -- Mass in France

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It's possible that our friends are some of the last remaining religious people in France.
We are always hearing that church-going is on the decline in France, yet nearly everyone we connect with in France seems very religious. 
We've probably attended mass at least once every time we've visited France. And that time we went to France over Easter, we were at mass on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, watching their children serve as altar boys or sing in the choir in the cathedral in Nantes.

This week, we heard about the young men, claiming to be connected to Islamic State, who killed a priest in a church in Normandy. That sad news seemed like the plot of a novel rather than reality.
This morning though, hope sprang in my chest when I heard that Muslims throughout France would attend mass today in solidarity with their Catholic brethren. The church in Normandy had strong ties to the Muslim community and had even donated the land for the mosque. 
The people in France, no matter their religion, have a strong bond, and that gives me hope.
Most Muslims, like most Christians, want to live in peace, no matter what country they live in. 

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Louise said...

I'm so glad I read your post today Paulita. I was so sad about the priest that was killed so senselessly and so brutally last week that I haven't really been able to face the news since then. I didn't know about his service, or the land donation- that makes it even more senseless.

Unknown said...

There are a fe pockets of active Christians in France, but less and less. But those who are take their faith and practice very seriously.
In the 1970s and 1980s, when there were no mosques built yet, it was not unusual to have a Christian church let Muslims use their basement or other rooms for their prayers.
It's comforting to see good coming out of the ugly, with people sticking together, whereas evil forces would want them to hate each other

Anonymous said...

When we arrived here, there was a convent with a few elderly nuns and Mass on Sundays. Now there is Mass once a month. I don't know anybody who goes to church, though most of them have their kids baptized and do a church wedding (which isn't official--the city hall ceremony is the recognized one). A few people I know believe but don't practice; most are agnostic or atheist.

our life in france said...

We have a very active Catholic community in our village and every Sunday the car park at the back of us is completely full, we also have a Maison Dr retraite run by nuns but we are very rural and a farming community therefore it is more of chance to meet up

Paulita said...

Louise, I agree. Like you, I couldn't bear to face that news. In church yesterday, our older priest snuck in the back and sat. I went back to him during the sign of peace I imagined how he would have stoically faced those young punks. Too sad, but if people can pull together against violence, maybe there's hope.
Emma, Yes, I guess we just trip into the religious families in France. Another family even took Grace to watch a girl join the convent. Grace was traumatized.
Francetaste, Once a month mass! I guess the priests travel around to different cities. Earl and I always imagine we'll go to mass in France. I guess we might have to follow a priest to different churches.
Roz, It's good to know that there are still some active church communities. You could practice your French there!

Esme said...

It is a shame what is happening in France and around the world. Each event seems more horrific than the last. World peace appears to be impossible to achieve.

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