Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bed Bugs and Travel and Lazy Sundays

Today, my youngest son Tucker returned from a trip to New York. He went with the Singers from our town, which is the small high school choir that requires a tryout. They left Wednesday night and have been gallivanting around the Big Apple since then. The trip included two concerts they gave in cathedrals, a concert by the New York Pops in Carnegie Hall, and a ticket to The Phantom of the Opera.
I know, I must be living in the wrong time period, cause I didn't get to do things like that when I was in high school. The downside though was the warning email from the director who said one of the chaperones found a bedbug as she was packing to come home.
Here's Tucker during a cooking class in France.
That meant all the parents meeting the bus today had plastic garbage bags. We wrapped up the suitcases before bringing them home. Earl stood outside on the (luckily) nice day separating the clothes then transporting them to the hot water in the washer and an extra-long dry in the dryer to kill any bedbugs or eggs. The things that can't be washed, leather shoes, ties, suit jacket, went into the freezer. Hopefully, we'll elude the bedbug issue.
This afternoon, I made a Swiss cheese and sausage quiche. Dinners are tricky things at our house since Earl works in the evenings and Grace is at work then rehearsal til 4:30. I try to prepare a meal somewhere in the middle. I was listening to Rick Steves on my computer, picking out all the stories about France, so I finished off that bottle of red wine that Tucker brought us from France. It all put me in the perfect mood to take my computer, and the red wine, out to the front porch for some writing. I've written more than 30,000 words of my sequel to The Summer of France. This one has the working title of Autumn in Aix, and Grace says I'm not allowed to send an email to the Louvre asking them how they box up and move exhibits from the Louvre. She says that will get me on some sort of black list so I'll never be able to visit again.
And I'll add some music from Pandora, but first, I visited youtube for some Midnight in Paris music. This one seems appropriate. "Dream a Little Dream of Me."
 I'm dreaming big today, and it's not even Dreaming of France meme until tomorrow.
Hope your Sunday was equally dream filled.


Jacqueline Brown said...

Oh, glad to hear the sequel is coming along nicely!

Ali said...

Wow, Tucker is one lucky boy to be doing all this traveling! I hope the bedbugs stay away.

Linda said...

That's a good question about the Louvre. Surely there must be someway to get that info. Good luck with those bedbugs.

Just Me said...

What a wonderful trip for Tucker and sounds like fabulous Sunday for you.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I certainly am in the wrong time zone ,, or should I say generation, I NEVER went anywhere with our school .. oh sorry we went to a music concert in London .. ♥

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh forgot to say, cannot wait for the sequel to Summer in FRance .. ♥

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