Saturday, August 22, 2009

High Fat

My youngest son loves 2 percent milk, but we rarely buy it. Most of the time, I figure my kids are American and they're getting plenty of fat, so we buy skim milk. Today I was at the grocery, reaching in for the gallon of skim, organic milk when I noticed a discount sticker on the organic milk next to it. The milk usually costs about $5.69 and this was marked down to $2.49. But, it was whole milk.
Tucker has asked me to buy whole milk. He has begged me to buy whole milk. He figured as tasty as 2 percent is, whole milk must be twice as good.
So I came home with that high-fat gallon. When he returned from a friend's house, I announced my purchase. He ran to the refrigerator and screwed off the red cap. He poured the thick liquid into a glass and took a sip.
"Ohhh. That is disgusting!" he said. "That is so thick I can taste the cow."


Is It Just Me Or.... said...

I'd like to report the VERY SAME experience after drinking skim milk for a while. I don't know why I was faced with whole milk and while it wasn't the thickness for me, it did distinctly taste like a "COW" no other words can describe it.

I've loved bacon all my life, but don't have the opportunity to eat bacon very often. A couple weeks ago, I had picked up a piece and ate it with my fingers and yikes, I began to have the same experience. It was awful and I could not get that smell off my hands. It was not good bacon aroma smell, it was an animal pig smell.

Ruth said...

Next time try buttermilk. Yum Yum!

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