Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hair Today

This is a guest post from my friend Stephanie:

Ok, so I made a valiant effort on Saturday to effect change in my life.....I made an appointment to cut my hair.

Here's what happened:

Me: sitting in the stylist's chair under the most unflattering overhead light I have ever experienced, and thinking, "I am going bald" and "Why did I wait so long to do this?"

Bleach blond stylist, about 16 years old: "Oh, your ends are really damaged. I'm going to have to trim at least an inch, or Locks of Love won't accept it."

Me: somewhat embarrassed about the condition of my hair: "Oh, ok, that's fine. I have plenty!"

BBS-16 yrs: "Oh, you have grey in your hair. I'm not sure we can accept that for donation."

Me: more than embarrassed, yet miffed. "You're allowed to have up to 5% grey in your hair, and I don't have that much. Plus, I have donated my hair here before."

BBS-16 yrs: "I don't think you can." consults with 12-year-old bleach blond stylist next to us.

BBS-12 yrs: "Oh no. We don't accept grey hair. It's donated to make wigs for children." and for added humiliation "You can't dye your hair either."

Me, completely humiliated, thinking: "I am going to cry." plus "If I dyed my hair, do you THINK you'd see any grey in it, you twit!"

What I actually say: "I researched the website before I made my appointment, and it said that you could donate hair with up to 5% grey in it. I do not color my hair (duh!)"

This exact dialogue goes back and forth several more times. It is clear that they are not going to accept my old lady hair that I have been growing for nearly 3 years in order to donate (and make me strong...what a joke!)

Me: "Well, I have been growing my hair for almost 3 years in order to donate it, and I don't want to waste it. Do you...never mind. I'll call around and find somewhere else to donate it."

Children stylists: "Ok. Sorry! Have a nice day!"

It was all I could do not to ball my eyes out. And I still have long, ready to donate hair. Now I have to find someone who is willing to accept it for donation. I feel as though I have been discriminated against! Plus, that was going to be the beginning of "adding toes" to effect change in my life. (Damn it!)

Footnote from Paulita: "Adding toes" is code language for stepping across the line to get out of a bad situation. Stephanie said she had one foot out and we, her good friends, said she had only a toe across the line. She's working on getting the entire foot across that line, thus "adding toes."


Anonymous said...

Very funny narrative of what im sure was a not at all funny event.

I'm a little outraged that more thoughtful stylists are assigned to such emotionally charged and deeply generous donations.

You know you have BEAUTIFUL hair.

Audubon Ron said...

I had a key note speech to deliver. My Puerto Rican hair dresser talked me into a little color. I’m 53 with lots of gray, more than 5%. She whipped up something from the back. I delivered the speech with purple hair.

Linda said...

I usually have the same experience when trying to donate blood. I am always a little anemic and they do a finger prick to make sure I have enough red blood cells. Makes me feel defective so I stopped doing it. I hope you can find a place to donate your hair. I've had my hair dyed so long, I don't remember the last time it was natural.

Paulita said...

Ron, I'm sure the speech was more effective with purple hair.
Linda, Like Stephanie, you were trying to do something good. Why do they have to make you feel so bad about it?

Dianne said...

A friend of mine just donated over 3 feet of hair to locks of love, and they took it gratefully. Way more than 5% grey. She is 62 years old. Her color is what I would call champagne grey. So what? Old people don't get cancer and need hair? (Ron, I need the video of that...Lol)

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