Friday, January 13, 2017

Selected Feature Review -- Paris Runaway

Yesterday, Kirkus Reviews Magazine notified me that a review for Paris Runaway had been "selected as a feature review."

That  means that way back on page 132, they include their thoughts about Paris Runaway -- which were good overall.
But in addition to the entire review, they included a quote from the review at the top of the page.

I love that they experienced Paris with Sadie and that my use of concrete language stood out.

The placement of the review might be only for the dedicated who thumb through the pages to the end, but I'm grateful to be included.
Here's the link for anyone who wants to visit. It's at the bottom of page 132, but here's how the review looks.
 It starts at the bottom of the page then jumps to the top of the next column

Thanks to Kirkus Review and to everyone who supports my writing. I'm grateful and hope you'll visit the page, as well as consider reading Paris Runaway.
Here's the link on Amazon for paperback or Kindle version. And if you have Amazon Prime with the books, you can probably read it free.


our life in france said...

Paulita, how wonderful to get a review of your book, you are my claim to fame as I can see you will be a famous writer one day up there in the realms of literary excellence

Paulita said...

Roz, So sweet of you to say. I hope you're right!

Sim Carter said...

I love Roz and John's comment! I can only say moi aussi! I knew you when...Congrats, my friend!

Philippe said...

Bravo Paulita ! Très, très , très heureux de cette reconnaissance de votre talent d' écrivain. Votre vie familiale très riche et votre future vie en France vous inspireront un prochain roman encore plus réussi ! // Kudos paulita! Very, very, very happy to this gratitude of your writer's talent. Your very intense family life and your future life in France will inspire you an even more successful novel.

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