Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bionic Runs

This morning, on a somewhat treacherous run in the ice and 14-degree weather, I noticed that at some point, the lights on my shoes had gone out.

My fabulous running friend who moved away had sent me lights that connect to my shoes. They're good for letting people see me, and also for pointing out icy spots on the road as I run.

This is my friend Noreen and her shoe lights on a run last month. 
I hoped that the cold hadn't done the lights in. I didn't see a place to charge them or put batteries. After consulting with my running friends, it turns out that I do need to charge the lights.
Suddenly, I feel like a bionic runner because I have some many accouterments that need to be charged every day.
First, it was just my phone. Make sure it's charged so I can listen to music and it can Map My Run.
Next, I added my Fitbit. I keep the charger in the bathroom so that I can juice it up while I'm in the shower. The rest of the day I need to keep it on so it tracks my heartrate, my sleep habits, my steps, my stairs, my exercise -- everything.
Just yesterday, when I ventured into the snow too much and insisted on taking pictures, I did something to my phone. Currently, it won't recognize my voice or let me make calls. I can text and I can listen to music, but the headphone jack doesn't work. No fear -- I have wireless headphones, but I have to make sure those are charged too.

Finally, now I need to plug in my shoelights.

That's four items for my run that need to be charged and ready before I go.
Maybe I'm getting a little carried away with all the extras that I need.


Anonymous said...

So funny! You should soon (in a couple of years) be able to charge your phone (and maybe your shoe lights--brilliant idea, BTW) by running. There are first steps (ha ha) toward piezoelectric chargers that use the motion of walking or running to generate electricity.
Meanwhile: 14 degrees! It's 14 here but in Celsius.

Lisbeth @ The Content Reader said...

Wow, I have never heard about shoes with lights. Great though. But, it seems we are slaves under technology. There always seems to be one gadget that needs loading all the time.

Just Me said...

Ha! Too funny and so true. I see it in my home from my better half.

our life in france said...

Shoes with lights whatever next but such a good idea to keep you safe, of course anything to do with exercise is alien to me but I do admire you for doing it, what a techno world we live in now ,,, Merry Christmas to you and your family x

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