Saturday, September 17, 2016

Three Weeks of A Professor's Hair Diary

Three weeks into the semester, I've successfully worn a different hairstyle for each day of class -- that's 8 days out of 45.
My goal is to wear a different hairstyle every day I teach. I'm sharing on Instagram, where you'll find me @runningfan63 and on Twitter @paulitakincer. If you want to hear more about my crazy scheme, you can find the original post on my blog A Professor's Hair Diary. And the first week post at Week 1.
 I thought I'd catch you up on the past two weeks.

Week Two we only had class two days because of Labor Day. 
Grace did this side-braided bun on Wednesday. 

Then on Friday, she twisted the sides and created a rose in the back. 
Next we moved on to Week Three on Monday.
This is a braided headband. 
As I look at all these pictures of my  hair, I realize that parts of it have really gotten redder or lighter from the sun. Never fear, I'm going to the hair stylist next week and she can hopefully rectify that. 

This is the first day I've had to do my hair myself because Grace left for a trip to Dublin and London. I fell back on a traditional French twist. The filter I used on instagram makes it look a little purplish. 

On Friday, I tried a complicated, basket-weave type hairstyle. Because my hair is curly (or because I did it wrong?) it doesn't look the same. Basically I created four pony tails on the back of my head and tucked them through, then separated them and curled them under at the sides. It looks a bit of a mess, doesn't it? 
Here's the original photo of what it should have looked like. 

But  you can see she did it on a mannequin and I don't have mannequin hair. I get my hair cut on Tuesday and since she usually straightens it, I could try this hairstyle again and see if it is more successful. Or would that be cheating to use the same style?
When I finished working on my hair that morning, I felt like I'd had quite a workout. 

After three weeks of different hairstyles, none of my students have noticed or said anything, including four students who had me for class in previous semesters. 
I did have one student who told me she liked my hair when I wore it in the French twist, so at least she noticed something. 


Anonymous said...

The first style is very beautiful and complex. The French twist is classic (my friends do it all the time, but my hair is too straight and smooth for it to stay put). I have tried to do a basket weave but never succeeded. In the '80s, braids were so in. I have a book of braids from then (pre-Internet). I'm glad to see braids are back. Daughter loves them.

Paulita said...

Francetaste, I probably need a book of braids! I haven't even done some basic hairstyles yet, like a ponytail. I'm saving it for a time when my morning is hectic.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Great looks. You will keep your students on their toes - they take notice of the clothes, hair and even makeup of their professors (I too teach). Would love to change my hairstyle, but I was born with a dry frizzy mop that doesn't lend itself to being styled. Just getting it under control each morning is a mammoth task. Best wishes with your challenge.

Paulita said...

Elizabeth, My hair is really frizzy too, but that helps it hold together for the hairstyles. I'm just taming it a lot of times. The humidity returned today, so I'm in a ponytail then a braid just trying to keep it under control.

krishna said...

Beautiful hairstyle... unfortunately I've not enough hair to style.. :(

Paulita said...

Krishna, Thanks. I should appreciate the amount of hair rather than complaining about how big it gets in humidity.

Philippe F. said...

Bonjour Paulita ! Vos élèves doivent être tous myopes ou alors ils sont trop timides pour vous le dire... Moi, en tous cas, je vous trouve charmante avec vos belles coiffures ! // Hello Paulita! your students must be all nearsighted or else they are too shy to congratulate you... For me, indeed, I think you are very charming with your beautiful hairstyles.Good morning from France ( Lyon ).

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