Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Readers' Workouts -- New Exercise Schedule

Joy at Joy's Book Blog has built up a community of people who love to read and work out. You know that I enjoy both of those things, so I'm joining in.

During the summer months, I stay active, but I have a harder time enforcing a walking/running schedule on myself.
I definitely have enjoyed the morning walks I shared with my friend Sheila most days throughout the summer.
Now that college has begun again, I teach at 8 a.m. three mornings a week. So I decided to make those three days non-exercising mornings. Instead, I spend time writing before work.
That means I need to get a lot accomplished on the other four mornings. I'm trying to run six miles Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. So far, I've managed that on both Sunday and Tuesday. I'm fairly proud of myself, because while trying to run five or six days a week in the summer, I've noticed that my distance really goes down.
Here's a recent picture I took on a run. Some kids toilet papered one
of their friend's houses. It looks like a jungle with white vines.
Here's a selfie I took on my first day of class. 
This morning, I got my 10,000 steps in before 7:30 a.m. Then I walked for an hour and a half with Sheila. Right now, at 12:30, I have more than 23,000 steps for the day!
So for four days a week, while the weather stays warm, I'll get plenty of exercise.
But I do feel guilty about the idea of not exercising those other three days. Yes, it's a slight obsession; my friend Sheila jokes about all of my exercising rules.  My plan is to take a gym bag with me to work. I can stop at the gym and lift weights, do some rowing or bike riding on my way home from work. If I come home before I go to the gym, the odds of working out go way down.

It's only the first week, but I hope to stick to the schedule through the fall semester.
Isn't it funny that when the schedule gets busier, I actually get more accomplished?
I'm teaching seven college courses at two different universities, so I guess that means I need to be more disciplined.
Hope your autumn exercise schedule is off to a good start.


Vicki said...

Wow, congratulations on your steps! I only track the 3 1/2 hours I work, but really should for the whole day. It's just a pain to carry my phone everywhere I go in the house. Once I get an Apple Watch I won't even have to think about it.

Carol said...

I need to start trying to get my runs in in the morning before work - but I do so hate mornings.

Joy said...

Structure is really important for me to get things done -- sometimes that translates into being busier actually helps. I'm clearly spending less time on Facebook at those times! I exercise daily -- but I don't think I would if I were putting in that many miles!

Anonymous said...

I want to get a FitBit. I got one for my daughter, whose idea of exercise is getting up to recharge her phone. She "lost" it.
I agree about getting more done with a regular schedule. Summer is a mess. I look forward to regular sleep/wake times, Pilates class starting up again, and healthier routines. We've had nonstop houseguests, which means big meals all the time. I'm either cooking, eating or cleaning up the kitchen. The last one leaves Friday!!!

Roz and John said...

Well done you, sadly my weight stops me from doing it and to be honest I hate exercise of any description, I think you do have to like it a little bit.

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