Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Evidence of Harry Potter in My Neighborhood

As I run in the mornings, up and down the streets of my neighborhood, I sometimes come across strange items. This morning, for instance, I found a quarter and put it in the tip jar at the Starbucks.
But sometimes, like a detective,  I begin to see a pattern. And I've decided the pattern is that Harry Potter and his wizarding friends live among us.
Today, I saw this shard of mirror on the sidewalk.

Everyone who has read Harry Potter remembers that his godfather Sirius gave him a two-way mirror so they could communicate. In the final book, Harry has only a shard of the mirror left, but he uses that shard to ask for help when he is held captive in the Malfoy's dungeon.
I didn't stop to use it, since running with a shard of mirror might be a bad idea.

Another sure sign of wizards in my neighborhood was this broom beside a tree.

From the discarded newspaper, it's obvious that a distracted wizard was reading the paper while riding his broom before he crashed.
I hope he was okay and eventually came back for the broom.

And another sign is this adorable cat trying to hide on top of my kitchen cabinets.

Actually, it's my cat, and he isn't wearing glasses like Professor McGonagall does when she transforms into a cat, but I figured I needed a third sign.
I'll be on the hopeful lookout for other clues that Harry Potter and his wizarding friends have come to Grandview Heights, Ohio.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos! They do have a "what happened here?" air.

Paulita said...

Francetaste, Yes, and apparently I'm easily distracted.
I also could write the book, "Everything I Needed to Learn About Life I Learned in Harry Potter Books"

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! Do you know about the Asterix books? They actually are by Belgians (the kings of cartoons), but set in France. Well, a friend of my French tutor could quote Asterix for any occasion, a little like the Bible...or Harry Potter. This tutor used Asterix books to teach me French because they are full of double-entendres and puns. Like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons--there's the straightforward interpretation for the kids, and then there's a second meaning that only adults would get. My books are full of pencilled-in notes about the meanings. Look for the movies! The ones about the Pyramids and about the Queen of England are just hilarious.

Paulita said...

Francetaste, I've heard of them but haven't ever read them in French. I'll look for them.

Lisbeth Ekelof said...

Great post. There are many things atound us that can boost our imagination. I guess one just have to look out for it!

grammajudyb said...

I am probably one of very few that have not read Harry Potter. But I am sort of familiar with the characters and the story. I love that you are keeping your eyes and mind open to see things that others just might pass up. Happy Weekend!

Paulita said...

Lisbeth and Judy, Thanks for commenting. Judy, I highly recommend reading the Harry Potter books. They're so much fun. I feel blessed that they came out when my kids were little.

Roz and John said...

I also have not read the books but that is not surprising as I am not in any shape or form a reader, that said i have seen some of the films, I love anything to do with magic, I was sat in the garden this morning and a butterfly came and sat on my knee, it was the darkest red it was almost black and like velvet, they say it is a passed love one coming to visit you, I would like to think this is true.

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