Thursday, March 03, 2016

The End of an Era

Yesterday, my youngest turned 20.
No more teenagers in my house.
It doesn't really seem that different though.
I have two kids living at home. Grace has finished college, is working full time and acts in shows so she has rehearsal most evenings.
Tucker has been on and off at college. He's currently studying videography and living at home. Sometimes I wonder whether he'll end up moving to France with us when we go next May.
I have so few recent pictures of Tucker, that I had to crop a family photo to get one of him.
I started off his birthday by going to the local donut store and buying a box of donuts for when he woke up.
I also got a helium balloon to attach to the box because I'm a sappy mom and I wanted him to feel special. As the youngest, his birthday has sometimes gotten pushed aside, like the time my husband found out on Tucker's birthday that  his job was going through layoffs. It put a damper on the celebration to say the least.
And March is usually busy when the older kids are around with sports activities or college prep things.
He can't really complain though since he had two years home alone with the other kids gone to college. He definitely enjoys being an only child.

Tucker is a bit on the quiet side now, but that is not his usual nature. As you can see from this picture, he has enjoyed the spotlight. 

And even though he tries to be unassuming, he has had his share of fame in swimming and on stage.

My boys chilling on a whitewater rafting trip. I hear they had a lot of fun. 

And here, my youngest trying to warm up in my arms after a swim. Those were pretty perfect times. 
I'm glad to see him growing up and eager to see how his life goes, but I'm grateful for the times I got to cuddle him too. 


Just Me said...

Hope Tucker had a happy birthday. The cropped picture is a very nice one; what a handsome young man. And the ones of him when he was young are so precious. Love your birthday posts.

sillygirl said...

Love your redo and new header! It lifted my spirits when I clicked on just now!

Paulita said...

Just Me, Thanks for your support. When I get frustrated, I think of him as that little guy in my arms.
Silly girl, I'm glad you like the new header. I wondered if it might be too much.

sillygirl said...

How can Paris be too much?!!!

Sim Carter said...

I love that header too. It’s really striking. Maybe it’s because my boy is having a March birthday too —he’ll be 23 tomorrow and he’s still home—your post really touched me. I remember those cuddles too, special, special moments.

Paulita said...

Sim, Happy birthday to Russell. These extra years they are home do seem precious, don't they? Especially knowing that we'll be "deserting" them to move to France. Lots of good memories though and we have to let go sometime.

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