Sunday, January 18, 2015

Window Cat

On my run this morning, through the dark, wet streets of my small town, a shop window caught my eye.
The shop is a florist that is also filled with furniture and other household items for sale.
It wasn't simply the white wicker furniture with the red and black flannel cushions, or the white bureau that held folded blankets, making the window look so inviting.
It was the peaceful black cat, curled into the cushion, as if he'd been chosen to match the soft flannel.
The cat regarded me without alarm or interest, but he didn't tilt his head toward the light so I could get a better shot of him.
I love the idea of pets in local shops. But I hope he wasn't lonely over night. I know that my cats like to cuddle up in the fold of my knees at night, stealing my warmth and adding to it too.


Sim Carter said...


Louise said...

I love seeing cats in shop windows, especially if they're in Paris of course, but it's wonderful anywhere.

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