Thursday, January 02, 2014

The End of College Football Season

As I sit here blogging, a college football bowl game is on television. All of the men who live in my house are out for the evening, so it's just me and my daughter with the football game. She doesn't watch, but she agrees that it is comforting to have the game on as background.
I love football.
True, I cringe when the loud crack of a helmet hitting someone resounds from the television speakers, but I love to watch the games.
I think when I was young, similar to Grace, I didn't so much watch football. But I grew up with two brothers and a father who watched. When I moved out on my own, I found myself turning to football to feel at home.
Now I'm kind of addicted. I'll rarely go to a social event at the same time our local university is playing football. I don't want to miss the game.
It's been a long run of good play for Ohio State. The past two seasons, they've lost only one game. It's tough to root for a team that is losing, but a little boring to root for a team that wins all the time.
But the Ohio State Buckeyes lost a game and they have one more game to play this season on Friday night.
I think I'm ready, for the first time in many years, for college football to finish. I think I know more about the players and the teams than I usually do, but I'm not as emotionally connected. 
Maybe I'll change my mind as the game draws to a close on Friday and Ohio State completes its season. There will be one more big game on Monday night -- the national championship. But I'll be tempted to turn to The Bachelor instead. After all, Juanuary only comes around once in a lifetime, and this year's bachelor, Juan Pablo, might trump a field full of college boys. 


Jeanie said...

I never watch football, but I did watch two games this season -- Michigan State and Ohio State and The Rose Bowl. I think we were probably rooting on different sides of the field but it goes to show -- when the stakes are high, the so-so fans come out! Good luck on the last game, if you watch!

Linda said...

I love football too and I miss getting to see the bowl games live.

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