Sunday, January 12, 2014

Overscheduled Sunday

By 1 p.m. today, I was ready for a nap.
I was up just after 6 and met my friend Najah for a run along Antrim Lake.
I told Najah I needed to take a picture of this fallen tree because it would frame the top of a picture, but I never zoomed in enough to make the fallen tree a frame.
These beautifully polished toes ran 7. 5 miles this morning
Mom and I went to get pedicures while I visited her in Florida. The nail technician from Vietnam asked if I wanted flowers on my big toes. Although no one will see them this winter, I agreed to the flower. She dabbed on white petals, then touched them with pink. She added silver along the tips of my other toenails. What fun.
Then I hurried home from my run and showered so I could watch Earl's niece's daughters, 4-year-old Caroline and 1-year-old Regan.
Their dad was gone for the weekend and their poor mom was exhausted, as you would expect. She took Sunday morning to go to yoga class while Earl and I babysat.
Regan is a blur of activity. Her laughs are guffaws. She loves to sing and dance and carry around a baby doll by its head. 
Caroline was thrilled by a gift of a bouquet of suckers. She only ate one while we were there. She lost her bottom tooth when a potato chip got wedged in there and forced it out. The dentist isn't worried and said she'll get her permanent tooth in a few years.
After the morning running then playing with the girls, I'm definitely ready for a nap. I can't believe I had three little ones and we all survived. I reminded Earl that he moved to Columbus when our kids were two, four and six and we didn't move with him for two months. I can't imagine being the sole caregiver for two months with three little kids.
Luckily, I can relax this afternoon before I start teaching again Monday morning.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I had 8 year gap between my two sons, but my mum had me ,sister and then brother , between June 1956 and January 1960 and moved around with the Royal Air Force , going as far as Singapore , she always reminds me about it.

Linda said...

I'm babysitting by myself with my five grandsons, ages 2-12, this Friday for six days. Pray for me.

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