Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Faraway Birthday

Happy Birthday, Grace.
Today is the first time since
well, forever, that I haven't been with you on your birthday.
I suppose that's what I get for having winter babies. I'm doomed to be separated from them on their birthdays when they go away to school or to their real lives.
Still, you know how I am. I don't think we should pack everything into one day, but spread it over the whole year and all of our time together.
Grace was named Grace by default. Before I ever thought about having babies, I had three girl names that I loved. Alexandra, Brigid and Francesca.
Alexandra was the only name Earl would consider, but he said he would call her Alex. I didn't want a girl with a boy's name. So we went with Grace Alexandra.
Grace was born in Florida and even though the weather was warm, we brought her home in a fuzzy sleeper, and then drove through Wendys on the hour-long trip home. We placed her in a cradle in our bedroom and tried to sleep ourselves, but we kept getting up to put a hand on her back to make sure she was breathing.
Her personality was set as a baby. She came out with big eyes that watch everything. She likes to figure things out before she jumps into them. And that is why she is such a smart adult.
Last year, we had a dance party to celebrate Grace's birthday. This year, her college friends get to decide how she spends her birthday. Oh, sure, we've sent along our gifts and wishes, but it's strange not to be able to kiss her good morning and wish her a happy birthday.
I'll text her around 8 and hope I'm not waking her up. I'll call her later between my classes and her classes. But for now, I guess I'll send her a hug that I gave her years ago and hope it will last.

Happy birthday, Grace. I love you.


Lucia said...

Hi Paulita and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! Okay we have similar taste in names...When my niece ALEX was born my sister in law couldn't decide on a name so I said ALEXANDRA. Wait for it I'm getting there...and when Marina was born, I named her Marina GRACE!
I love the name Grace, in Newfoundland there is a beautiful Harbour called Harbour GRACE...but Marina (SEABORN) was always my favourite name for a girl. Grace and Alex close seconds!
Anyway Happy Birthday to a beautiful GIRL!

Im not making this up said...


What nice birthday thoughts.
I totally understand.

Strange... but for some reason this week, I cannot remember why.... I thought "I have to find out Grace's Middle Name".

Just Me said...

Forgot to say


Anonymous said...

I love you mom! Thanks for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Grace said...

Also, i really don't like this comment section. It makes my life much more difficult than it has to be. Love you!

Noreen said...

The pictures and your words made me cry.


Suburban Kamikaze said...

Happy Birthday Gracie - still the cutest of the Tribune babies. I am pretty sure I have as many baby pictures of you as I do of the two Tribune babies who live in my house... Not that you're not all adorable. But still.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grace :)

I love the pictures.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Grace and happy anniversary Paulita! Lovely post and pictures, the hippo one is priceless.

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