Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Writing Pain and Book Tours

This morning, I started outside for a run. I felt a few raindrops but figured the sky looked fairly clear. I tucked my iPhone inside my shorts and began. Within a block, the raindrops came heavier. Suddenly they were those plump drops striking against my skin with intensity filling the air around me.
I ran back home and used a towel to wipe my bare arms and legs then changed into shorts and a tank top for some indoor yoga.
The run this morning seems like a metaphor for my online book tour.
Okay, maybe that's a stretch.
France Book Tours is organized by the wonderful Emma at Words and Peace blog. She's a French woman transplanted to the U.S. and she loves books. She wrote an excellent review of my novel last fall.
Emma organized several stops for my novel -- two interviews and four book reviews.
One of the book reviews was positive, two were mediocre on the book, and one apparently felt it shouldn't be in print.
So that leaves me feeling fairly discouraged.
I know that with all books some people will enjoy them and others won't. I know that logically, but my heart still smarts from the rejection.
A student of mine who worked in the publishing/book reviewing world, said self-published writers are the worst about arguing with book reviews, so I try not to.
But... on Suko's notebook when she says "...other aspects were too hackneyed.  (For example, the idea that having extramarital affairs in France is the norm; maybe it is, but it just seemed a bit too clichéd.)"
I had to resist the urge to point out the cliche is French men having affairs. In my book, a French woman seduces the American husband, and it's not for the sake of sex. To me, that's a twist on an old idea rather than a stereotype. But I resisted. Instead, I said nothing.

Emma reminded me in an email that my book rating at Goodreads is 4.04 out of 5, so that's good.
My rating at is 4.2 out of 5.
I guess I need to put aside those needles prickling my confidence and keep writing.
Lots of opportunities to win ecopies or paperback copies of my novel if you haven't done so yet. Even the negative reviews are giving away copies. (Isn't that weird? If someone didn't like the book, who would sign up to win a copy of it?)
So click on the FranceBookTours pic above to see a list of stops on my book tour and you can enter at each one.
And thanks to all of you who have encouraged me. A breath of hope on a small flame, maybe it will grow into something more.


Suzie Tullett said...

Just remember these things are subjective, Paulita. Just because someone doesn't like something it doesn't mean it's not any good, it just means its not to their taste x

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Suzie's comment.
also I believe there is some positive element to pick, even in some overall negative reviews. in that review you quoted, there's also: " It's funny, light, and sexy. It's what I'd call a fun book." and "I found The Summer of France entertaining, in spite of the issues I had with it."
today you see the glass half-empty, maybe with a brighter sky tomorrow, you will see it half-full.
and please keep writing, I definitely want to read that sequel!!

Just Me said...

Very well said Suzie and I agree with Wordsandpeace too - Please keep writing (as if you could stop - you're a writer !!!)

Linda Kovic-Skow said...

Paulita, I've been wrestling with these same feelings with French Illusions. I'm trying to untangle my emotions from reviews, but it's extremely difficult. When I receive a good review, I'm over the moon and when I receive a bad review, I question my self worth as a writer. Hang in there - from what I've gathered so far, some kind of "buzz" is better than none at all:)

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