Monday, May 06, 2013

Cat Pee and Open Windows

(Here's another story for Phyllis -- See Sunday's explanation)
Sunday morning, Grace had to be at work at 7, so I planned to meet a friend for a run after I dropped her off.
We headed out a little late at 6:50 a.m. and when I opened the door to our freestanding garage, a black, fuzzy cat went streaking out. He'd been locked in overnight.
The front of our blue car was covered with cat footprints.
This cat is innocent of the crime and
shocked at the actions of a fellow feline.
Then, I saw to my horror, the car windows were down. I never leave the windows down once I pull into the garage, Even as I was walked toward the car, I wracked my brain to think who could have driven the car after me.
Nope, I was the last one to drive it, and as the sun and the warm air had seduced me the day before, I left the windows down when I pulled in, and closed the big garage door.
When Earl had come home from work at midnight, he'd seen the "people" door was open, so he firmly closed it, trapping that furry cat inside.
As I walked toward the car, my hands full of water bottles and library books, I looked in the car to see if the cat had been there. On the passenger seat, I saw several little balls of cat poop. Crap!
I threw my things in the back seat and ran inside for a plastic grocery bag to clean up the poop, and a bottle of Woolite to scrub the upholstery.
Ick! I scooped up each dropping then carried the plastic bag to the outdoor trash can. I sprayed the seat and
rubbed at it with the rag.
"Sit in the backseat," I warned Grace as she approached with her coffee cup in hand.
Then I ran around to the driver seat and looked down before I slid inside. The seat had a tell-tale shadow to it.
Damn. The cat pooped in one seat and peed in the other.
I ran back in the house to get a plastic bag to sit on. Grace was going to be late for work. I stopped just long enough to wake my sleeping husband and accuse him of closing the garage door on a cat.
Then I raced back to the car, Target bag in hand.
I spread it across the seat and sat on top of it, feeling like the wetness was soaking through to my running shorts.
After dropping off Grace, I hurried to the park to meet my friend. I stood up and pulled the plastic bag from the seat. The moisture of the pee had interacted with the red circles on the Target bag, leaving red circles on the car seat.
Just great.
Once I got home, I blotted up what I could of the pee, I soaked the seat with Woolite, and I'm leaving the windows down to try to get rid of the smell of cat pee. Every time I pull into the garage, I make sure both garage doors are closed and that there are no pets lurking to jump in my car and use it as a litter box.


Linda said...

Nothing worse than the smell of cat pee. I've read that white vinegar and baking soda can get rid of the smell of cat pee on carpets. Of course, it has to be done immediately. Good luck. Ick, indeed.

Life after 60 said...

Thanks for another blog to read with my coffee. I so enjoy reading your blogs.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

UGH...what a way to start your day! sorry to hear your tale of woe.

Just Me said...

Ha! Sorry to laugh and enjoy your posting at your expense.

Jon said...


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