Friday, December 10, 2010

The Dangers of Surfing the WorldWideWeb

We have some big sporting goods stores in Columbus. Some specialize in specific sports while others carry everything required for any sport. Sports Authority is one of those stores. I wanted to look for something online, so I simply typed in and went straight to the store. Then I wanted to compare prices with the other big sporting goods store, Dicks.
I typed in The store is technically called Dicks Sporting Goods, but everyone calls it Dicks.
Whatever you do, do not type in, unless that is what you are actually looking for, and apparently, according to my brief glance at the website, there is quite a wide variety in stock and available.
It reminds me when Grace was about 10 and she was working on an online report about horses. She had to break down the horse from the whole to each individual part right down to a cell.
I heard a scream from her bedroom. "Mom, come quick!"
I went running upstairs and her computer was flashing with a dozen tiny movie screens of pornography.
"How did you get here?" I asked her.
"I was searching for parts of a horse. I typed in horse and organ," she explained.
Oh, that was a mistake too.
When she was doing a report later that year on winter animals, she considered focusing on foxes.
"No!" I told her. "Choose something else."
I didn't want a repeat of the horse and organ search. I could only imagine what she would search for with fox.


Stephanie said...

Oops. I suppose we should have seen that coming. I once was searching for a Bruce Springsteen website and typed in "Backstreets" something or other, and boy did I get a big surprise! And of course, this discussion is practically advertisement for those sites, now that I think about it. But I am sure NO ONE who reads THIS blog would EVER intentionally search such a site.

Linda said...

I sure do get a lot of spam from those type of spots. Hard to believe people really like them but they obviously appeal to many.

Lucia said...

It's amazing what comes up!

Anonymous said...

Especially from WORK.

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