Sunday, September 16, 2018

An Early Sunday Morning Between Two Worlds

The time difference between us in France and our world back home can get draining.
My morning in France began about 4 a.m., that's 10 p.m. at home. I'd been sleeping for about 6 hours when I heard a groan from the kitchen where my husband was watching Ohio State University football. The game began at 8 p.m. at home, which means it started at 2 a.m. here. As much as I love OSU football, I made no pretension of staying awake for the game. But once awake, with six hours of sleep under my belt, I decided to get up and watch.
Like I was punching a time clock and switching shifts with him, Earl went to bed as I settled in front of the computer screen for the game.
The score was 14 -13 at the half with Ohio State down by 1. Earl had groaned when Ohio State missed a field goal before the half.

The tide began to turn for Ohio State
I texted with Spencer who was watching the game nervously. We both agreed Ohio State would come back and we were right.
I messaged with Tucker who was working as a DJ at a wedding and bemoaning the fact that he couldn't watch the game.
"Call me on  your way home if you get sleepy," I told him. He would be driving home from Indianapolis until nearly 3 in the morning. I knew I would be up by then to keep him company on the drive.
At a quarter to 6, the game ended with Ohio State winning 40-28. What a satisfying way to greet a Sunday morning.
I had an hour I could sleep before I needed to get up to prepare to teach some English classes to Chinese children, so I went to bed, the sky still dark. Within about 20 minutes, my phone rang. Tucker had taken me  up on my offer of a phone call to keep him company.
Tucker in Marseille when he came to visit us

Really, he wanted to know about the game. So I told him all the important news. Nick Bosa out with a groin strain. The quaterback running it in for a touchdown. A trick play by TCU that ended in a touchdown but was called back. I love chatting with my kids like their down the street rather than across the ocean.
Then he told me about the wedding -- an Albanian man and an Indiana girl. The Albanian people didn't dance to the U.S. music and the Indianans didn't dance to the Albanian music. But he loved seeing them lift that Indiana girl into the air on a chair and dance around to her. He's learned a lot about different cultures since he started doing weddings. Last time it was an Indian wedding.
After we talked for awhile, he agreed to text me when he got home so I'd know he was safe driving through the flat farm fields of Indiana and Ohio.
I taught three classes and then Earl got out of bed with very little sleep.
We hopped on our bikes and rode to Esparaza, about a 30-45 minute bike rode for the Sunday morning market. We stocked up on some fruits and vegetables and then stood in line at the bakery to get a vienoiserie we could eat with our coffee in a nearby cafe. The tray that holds the chocolate croissants, known as une chocolatine in this part of France, was empty. I asked if they had more. "Oui," the woman assured me and came back with two chocolatines still warm in the paper bag.
We walked to a cafe and joined friends we had run into earlier at the market. For half an hour we sipped coffee and talked about our lives, dripping flaky crumbs from our chocolate pastries.
We took one more walk around the exotic market. African instruments, Indian batiks and incense.
Jewelry and wall hangings

I thought of my friend Sheila when I saw these owl purses. She makes owls too. She'd love this market
This town is very artsy and eccentric. It's a great place to visit on a Sunday morning.
We stopped at a food truck and purchased a small rotisserie chicken along with a portion of small potatoes roasted underneath the poultry with the dripping chicken grease flavoring them.
Chickens on spits above, potatoes roasting below
Double wrapped in paper then plastic bags, the chicken was strapped with a bungee cord to the back of my bike before we rode back home. The ride home felt a little longer, especially the ride up the hill to our rental house.
I wiped away the sweat while Earl put lunch on the table. The moist chicken and delightfully flavored potatoes were just enough to fill me before five more classes with Chinese students.
This life in France sure is full of entrancing experiences.

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I enjoyed this post (and your Sunday morning) so very much.

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