Sunday, July 29, 2018

Il Fait Bon

Sometimes I get caught up in the touristic parts of France and let the day-to-day life slide past.
One day this week, as I was walking into town to the market, I passed a bench that sits under a tree.
The bench under the tree
It isn't a bus stop. Nothing is happening on this hill into town, but more often than not, someone is sitting on that bench.
A cat looking longingly toward the bench
The bench is shaded by a tree and it looks out toward the mountains on one side of town. 
The mimosa tree is in bloom and the sky is a clear blue above the mountains
Maybe people sit there to rest as they walk up the hill, but the French are formidable walkers. I don't think most of them need to rest.
Instead, I think they sit down to enjoy the day.
As I walked past, a man sat alone on the bench, maybe a middle-aged man, and just as I walked past, a bird began to sing in the tree above me.
I looked up and smiled.
The man on the bench said, "Il fait bon" which means it's a nice day or the weather is nice today and I agreed, "Oui, c'est ça" that's true.
Sometimes, we just need that reminder, to look up at the blue sky, at the mountains, at the blooming mimosa tree and to enjoy life.
Another view, this time a sunset

5 comments: said...

And SO South of France, where some stranger would make a nice remark to you about the weather, just like that.

Paulita said...

Francetaste, Yes, we definitely are learning to slow down here, and living in a smaller town means we speak to people, even if it is just "bonjour."

Holly Boyle said...

lovely little snapshot of a real day - thank you

Sim Carter said...

Oui, c’est ca!

Just Me said...

Really enjoying your writing Polooza !

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