Friday, May 04, 2018

One Day in Paris

We arrived in Paris Thursday evening, driving from Italy. We avoided the trains because of the strikes in France and had rented a car for our whirlwind trip through Florence, Venice and the Italian Alps.
By Thursday afternoon, I was sick as a dog. Chills, fever, coughing. A sinus infection -- I diagnosed myself.
The minute we arrived at the B&B on Ile St. Louis, and returned the rental car to Europcar, and walked the two miles home, I climbed to the seventh floor apartment and went straight to bed.
The boys and Earl went out to dinner, bringing me back vegetable soup, but everyone went to bed at a pretty early hour.
This morning, I was determined to feel better for the boys' last full day of vacation.
I dosed myself with medication and walked out for coffee and pastries.
I had two things on my list for today, find an Aveda and buy chocolates for the boys to take home. Anything else they wanted to do was up to them.
They weren't exactly thrilled with my search for an Aveda store, but I figured I'd better find it while I'm in a big city.
Afterwards, we decided to sit down and have a glass of wine. We hadn't had morning wine before, although we'd seen plenty of French people doing it.

Morning wine
We decided to take them to a small, authentic French restaurant in the 4th arrondisement, a place that we had eaten in January. So we walked there.
A forced photo in front of the Seine
We arrived at 11:58, just in time to get a table for lunch, although the restaurant wasn't crowded. Bistrot L'Estrapade.
My starter, asparagus wrapped in ham. 
Tucker had goat cheese with salad for a starter, while Spencer had asparagus like me. Then for their main courses, they chose pork chops in a mustard sauce, along with some creamy whipped potatoes, and, of course, we polished off a bottle of wine.
Notre Dame in the background
Afterward, we walked to Rue Mouffetard and picked out chocolates at a shop we'd never visited before. We also stopped at a wine shop and got a bottle for each boy to take home. d
What else should you take home from France but chocolates and wine.
Then we walked back to our B&B on Ile St. Louis and snores filled the apartment during our afternoon nap.
We're hitting the streets again to admire the beauty of Paris on a sunny day.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that a doctor visit costs all of €25...if you don't feel better soon. But I hope you'll be up and about quickly.
You might find Aveda in a pharmacy or parapharmacy. Otherwise I highly recommend Avène, very good for sensitive skin, recommended by my doctor, not expensive, available only at the pharmacy (without prescription).

Jeanie said...

So sorry you've been sick, still. Yes, do take up that doctor visit idea if need be. How fun to show "your city" to your favorite guys!

Just Me said...

Sounds like you, Earl and the boys had a wonderful time together. Feel better soon.

Sim Carter said...

That morning wine will make those naps extra deep and happy! Sorry that your boys are leaving but it must have been so great having them there, even if you were sick!

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