Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Visiting the Mountains

Just a brief update that Earl and I are taking a break from housesitting to visit this village we enjoyed last May. We’ll be looking at apartments in case we decide to move here. 

But we had to begin our week with a hike in the sunshine. 

Up a mountain 

To where it began to snow little snow balls

But we kept going and reached the Pic du Bitrague. It was listed as an easy hike, but running five miles is much less strenuous than this steep hike was. 

And while we hunkered down on the peak to eat our jambon fromage sandwich, a golden eagle soared by. He appeared several times but I never got a good picture of him. 

We made it back safely and are ready for more adventures today. 


Anonymous said...

You are in Cote Campagne's territory.
Have you been to Rennes-le-Château? It figures in the Dan Brown book "The da Vinci Code."
And Bugarach? The place to be at the end of the world.

Sim Carter said...

Okay. It looks COLD! Not feeling so jealous right this very minute but who knows what your next post will bring.

By the way, I did visit Earl's blog but he never visited mine. Sad face!
I don't blame it, I hate the required tit for tat. Follow me if you WANT To, otherwise don't bother. I subscribe to your blog because I'm interested in you and your content. I can't expect the feeling to be mutual just because I left a comment.

C'est la vie!

Just Me said...

That place is absolutely gorgeous ! It gets a vote from me. 🤗

Noreen said...

I'm kind of leaning toward a mountain retreat myself. Just saying : )

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