Friday, February 23, 2018


Today is my 55th birthday, but, as my brother pointed out, it's my first birthday in France.
I began it with a 5.55 mile run. Running can be a bit tricky in France. Before I knew it, I had accidentally run to the wrong village.
I took this picture as I ran along the road, because it's so funny to me that I would be running along and see a castle.
As I ran along the wrong road, I ended up at this village and had to turn around. Oops.
So I took out my phone and followed the route that had taken me there. The sun had risen and shone brightly on this building as I made my way to 5.55 miles.

I don't even know what building this is but the sun chose to highlight it this morning. 

When I returned to the room, my husband was showered and dressed, unlocking the door for me before he headed out to gather pastries for breakfast. I forgot to take a picture, but I'm sure you can imagine a plate with two croissants, a swirled pastry with raspberry in the curled up layers and sugar sprinkled on top, along with an eclair cafe, a coffee-flavored eclair, which is my favorite.
He also brought home a tiny cake for us to eat later.
Adorable, but we haven't eaten it yet.
My friend Delana, an American who lives in Aix en Provence, texted yesterday to say that she needed to come to Pezenas for work today. Yay! Earl and I cancelled our plans to have dinner out and instead decided to have lunch with Delana.
We met at 11:30 for coffee on the main square.
Then we moved to a strip of restaurants, stopping to read the chalkboard menus before deciding on a restaurant.
The restaurant had beautiful stone arches. Rather than a menu du jour, it had a planche du jour and each one had four items. So rather than serving the meal in three or four courses, all the courses came on one slate tray.
I had pate, steak and cheesy mashed potatoes, salad, roquefort cheese and fromage blanc with marron for dessert. The dessert had granola on top.

Delana and I smiling while other people arrive for lunch. 
Me and my husband enjoying a birthday lunch
On our walk home from lunch, I stopped and took a picture of this turret shaped building with the sun shining brightly. We're staying in the "historique" section of town, so everything is made of stone from the 15th century or so. It's all so amazing.

I hope I don't start to take these things for granted, complaining that I turn my ankle on the cobblestone streets that were built before the Crusades. 
I also owe an apology to Pezenas after saying that the only thing here is boulangeries (bakeries) and real estate agents. 
As I've explored, I've realized that Pezenas is a great supporter of artists. The whole place is full of "ateliers" workshops for artists. Not many of them are open now, but I can definitely see how tourists would love to come here and just saunter through the village, watching the artists and buying things to take home.
Tomorrow, I have my first French haircut. Wish me luck. I'll try to share the results before we head to England on Sunday. 
And thanks so much for all your support. I've had some tough days, and it feels so wimpy to say that I'm unhappy in France. I'll keep moving forward, and I'll continue to be honest with you all. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday!
I love the renaissance windows on the building in the sun.
Yes, Pézenas has lots of art and lots of antiques. Glad it's going well.
I have to go pick up my kid from a class... in a castle.

Philippe said...

Bonjour Paulita ! Il semble que vous vous sentez mieux tous les deux.Quand on est malade on est malheureux partout...même en France ! Maintenant que la forme et le moral sont revenus vous pouvez commencez votre recherche d' une belle maison ( ou d' un appartement ).Une agence immobilière pour expatriés pourraient beaucoup vous aider ( Leggett ou Renestance par exemple ).// Hello Paulita! It seems you feel better both of you at the moment. When sick we are all unhappy everywhere...even in France! As you are now in a good shape and good spirit you can start your dream home ( or flat ) hunting. A Real estate agency for expat ( Leggett or Renestance for example ) could help you very well.Thanks Paulita to share your new life in France with all the up and downs...but c' est la vie, isn't it !

sillygirl said...

Keep it real.

Paulita said...

Francetaste, Philippe and Sillygirl, Yes, thanks for your support throughout the ups and downs.
We're renting a place through Christmas then will decide about buying a house next year if all goes well.

Sim Carter said...

Happy Birthday Paulita! You sound like you are celebrating your first birthday in great style! I hope all your sicknesses (physical and that homesick one) disappear as you get more and more comfortable with your surroundings. I hope I wasn't too read in my last comment about nagging you to get back to writing your novel! Please forgive me if I was.

Enjoying your journey, as always. Sim

Sim Carter said...

Um, that was suppose to be 'rude' not read.

Jeanie said...

A very happy birthday, Paulita. May it be the first day of a wonderful new year.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday and getting to have dinner with your friend too ♥

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