Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Sacrifice Too Far

I’ve given up a lot to make my life-long dream come true. 
I sold my house and all but a few bins full of my belongings. 
I said goodbye to my aging parents and my 20-something children, missing birthdays and holidays. 
I’ve lived like a nomad for more than two months, all to create this fantasy life in France. 
But you know what I won’t sacrifice? 
My free birthday drink from Starbucks. 

It’s only good for a few days, and dammit, we are traveling across France today to redeem that coupon before it expires.
You may be asking, “But, Paulita, does that free birthday drink even work in France?”
I’ll let you know this afternoon from Montpellier, France. 


Anonymous said...

I have good news and bad news for you. On the FAQ page of Starbucks France, it says that yes, there is a free drink on your birthday. However, each card is good only in one country. You'll need a French Starbucks card!
But it's worth asking.

martinealison said...

Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire !...
Plein de bisous

Just Me said...

You go girl !

Esme said...

Happy Birthday. This sounds like there have been ups and downs. But you are doing it. Many people would not even have had thought the thought. Stick with it and enjoy your time there. If you get too homesick we can send you some peanut butter. xoxo.

Jeanie said...

Good luck, Paulita! (Or is it Bonne Chance!)

sillygirl said...

You are just the right age to be taking this adventure and spreading your wings. You still have lots of years to fully enjoy it but also plenty of years of experience to appreciate it.

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