Monday, January 22, 2018

The Sun'll Come Out...

I just wanted to touch base with everyone after your outpouring of support.

I know that some people might keep their doubts and fears a secret, but that has never been my stance. I lay it all on the line, so if I'm doubting my dream life, you're going to know about it.
I had a tough night, up coughing, but I got a lot of sleep in between.
A morning walk with the dogs in the mist, just grateful it wasn't raining.
After I worked on my online class, we went to the Super U, which is a WalMart-style grocery store. The only thing it doesn't have is a pharmacy.
After buying our groceries, we realized that neither of the two gas stations in town have diesel gas. We're going to have to take a trip before too long to fill up with gas.
We stopped in town and the bakery was closed for lunch, as was the pharmacy, so I didn't get any medicine, but Earl did find a few doses of Theraflu in his suitcase, so I can take that tonight.
Earl was napping this afternoon because he is getting sick again, after successfully beating this cold during our first housesit. So when the sun came out this afternoon and he was sleeping, I put the dogs on their leashes and we walked about 45 minutes in the sunshine.
It makes a difference.

Cognac vines dormant in the winter sun.
We're catching up on Netflix series, like The Crown and Grace and Frankie and last night we watched the movie The Way with Martin Sheen since Earl will be walking part of the El Camino de Santiago in June with Maurice, the husband of fellow-blogger Linda Mathieu at Frenchless in France. See how blogging can connect people?
Thanks again to everyone for your support and concern." I ain't gonna quit. I got nowhere else to go!"


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you're turning the corner to better times.
Thanks to one of those industry-protectionist moves, you won't find in-store pharmacies in the hypermarkets. You might find a parapharmacy, selling non-medical stuff like essential oils and some dietary supplements, but you won't find anything as "dangerous" as Doliprane (local Tylenol), except at a full-fledged, free-standing pharmacy, and then it's behind the counter and you have to ask.
Speaking of supplements, how about gelée royale? garlic? echinacea? vitamin C? multivitamins?

Jeanie said...

It looks like you are in beautiful country now. Good luck with the pharmacy. I just feel badly that you and Earl are passing it on to each other again!

Kiwi said...

Bonne continuation!

Paulita said...

Francetaste, We made it to the pharmacie today and left with Fervex -- hopefully we'll be recovered soon. Brought our own vitamins so are still taking those.
Jeanie, It must be something new because we can't pass the same thing back and forth, right? I knew I should have gotten my medical degree.
Kiwi, Thanks. We'll continue to move forward.

sillygirl said...

You can't have too many people encouraging you on your journey AND telling all about it - we are all there for your mental health. You get to experience the bad and the good - we just get to hear about it. Carry on!

leah reynolds said...

As Daniel says, you got this!

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