Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yesterday I shared our harrowing adventures of escaping this island where we are housesitting. We had already decided that today we would stay home because the water continues to rise, even though we avoided rain yesterday. But last night, Earl had a date with some English-speaking guys at a nearby restaurant.
He was dreading it, walking through the dark roads with water up to his knees. The slightest excuse would have convinced him to stay home, but he bit the bullet and went. I stayed here grading papers, and it wasn't until after he had gone that I began imagining him walking the half-mile home after a few drinks.
It's dark out here. Super dark with glorious stars when the clouds move along. I wondered if Earl would remember his flashlight (his torch the British guys reminded him) on his phone. What if he wandered away from the road and actually ended up walking in the river?
He made it home a couple hours later and was glad he went, although the flood waters splashed into his boots and left his feet wet, again convincing us not to try to drive through the exit routes today.
This morning as we walked the dogs, we explored both roads that lead out of this river-bound neighborhood.
Where does the river end and the road begin? Toby can't tell anymore. 
We ended up carrying Jeff, the dachshund, who did fine until the water got to his belly. I know what he's going through. I've gotten in a cold swimming pool with a bikini on and the belly is the worst part.

The other dog, Toby, just kept plowing on and even found a little fish to eat.

We stopped just around the corner from a restaurant, a nice one with a hotel. That's where Earl walked last night and that's our back-up if we need to get out of here. We can walk there, carrying dry shoes with us.

As we started back, a farmer on a big red tractor in the field over waved and I waved back. He must be able to go wherever he wants with those giant wheels. Maybe he'll even drive back and deliver some fresh bread to our isolated house.
At the end of our walk, my socks and pants were wet, but I soaked in the bathtub with a cup of tea, then made omelettes and fried potatoes for lunch -- no bread.
The afternoon and evening stretch out before us as the rain has started again and plops against the skylight window panes.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Brave Earl :-) . Just stay warm and dry x

Anonymous said...

Stock up and stay safe!

sillygirl said...

You are certainly having adventures! Your future book about all this will have people wondering if you are just making it all up for a good read - NOT!

Paulita said...

Anne, Dry socks are the best.
Francetaste, We have everything we need, except bread. C'est la vie!
SillyGirl, You're right, truth is always stranger than fiction.

Jeanie said...

That's some serious flooding. I hope you get bread soon. Too bad there isn't some flour in the house and you could make soda bread or beer bread. It's not a baguette, but it'll do! Hope the house stays dry and you, too.

Angie Romines said...

Yeah, are you worried about the house flooding? Isn't it right on the river?

Sim Carter said...

Love your adventures! Are you posting everyday, I think I missed one!

Our French Oasis said...

Stay safe, hopefully the rain has stopped with you today, we have sun, finally and it is meant to be getting better.

Paulita said...

Thanks for the concern. We were only stranded one day and were able to get out on Friday with beautiful sunshine.

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