Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Only 12 Days?

Is it possible that we've only been in France for 12 days? We arrived on January 4 and today is the 16th so that  must be true. So much has happened though.
Early this morning I got a call from Grace missing us and in tears. Lots of this is hard.
It probably would be easier if I weren't still sick.
This morning, I thought I felt better. I even considered trying a short run -- remember that I often use runs to ward off illness. I thought it might clear the rest of the cold from my body. But, I reconsidered and instead suggested to Earl that we walk to Cezanne's atelier, his art studio, and then on up the hill for his view of Mont Sainte-Victoire, hopefully in time for the sunrise, which was scheduled for 8:07 according to my weather app.
As we walked, the equivalent of 37 stories up the hill, my body let me know this was a mistake. My energy waned and I really just wanted to go back to bed.
Plus, the sky was overcast and we couldn't see the mountain.

I saw it in May when I went running in Aix. This is the same vantage point as above but with sunshine and clear skies.

 We could wait for the sky to clear, Earl suggested, but the sweat that had built up under my shirt was starting to make my shirt stick to me, and I didn't want to sit still in the 44 degree weather. We started walking down the hill, and the rain began to fall. We stopped under a bus stop and looked at the routes and the cost. We could take a bus most of the way back. The routes suggested that it would be half an hour before a bus showed up, so we started walking again. Of course, the bus passed us a few minutes later. But the walk home was much easier than the 37 floors up.
Still, my energy was sapped probably for the day.
I slipped into a bath, which felt heavenly in the steamy bathroom, but when I stood up to get out, I remembered how draining baths can be. Then I really wanted to go lie down.
I'm sitting on the couch now with the sunshine and blue sky peeking through the garden and a well-behaved cat sleeping next to me.
At least I'm at a place where I can relax. I'm warm enough and there's plenty of sleep time available. I should heal quick enough if I stop overdoing it.

I knew things would look up eventually.


martinealison said...


Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement... Merci pour la promenade. C'est une région que je connais particulièrement et que j'aime.

Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! FYI, at the market they sell ail confit--kind of like pickled garlic. Very good for colds. And tasty.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you have left the home of creepy critters and are back in the south. Good. Hope you get well very quickly; can't be fun feeling out of sorts and tired. Hang in!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Sorry you have not been feeling well and you are listening to your body and mind , ..keep resting and you will get there(and some Chicken Noodle soup, buy it in packets , I do and it is soooo good for colds) . Poor Grace too. x

Paulita said...

Martinealison, Merci et le gros bisous à toi aussi, sans les germes de ma maladies.
Francetaste, Hmmm. I'm willing to try anything, even ail confit. I might plaster some on my chest while eating it.
Jeanie, Yes, we're staying in a clean apartment with only one well-behaved cat and a terrific friend for a couple more days now. Thanks for the good wishes.
Anne, I might break down and go to the doctor to make sure that the cold hasn't gone to bronchitis, but I'll try some chicken noodle soup. I haven't been hungry at all for about a week now.

bagsaver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing your experience without sugarcoating the hard parts of being French nomads. I appreciate reading the real scoop and am, of course, rooting for you to not only feel better, but start to feel at home a bit more each day.

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